The Son Of Neptune By Rick RioRdan

Genre: The Son of Neptune is a fiction book and more specifically it's a fantasy book. It is based off of Greek and Roman mythology.

Author Bio: Rick Riordan was born on June 5, 1964. His full name is Richard Russell Riordan Jr. He grew up in Texas and graduated high school in 1982. He then applied at the University of Texas and double majored in history and English. He graduated in 1986 and taught for 15 years in different middle schools. He even received the St. Mary's Hall's first Master Teacher Award in 2002 for being an amazing teacher. The character he is famous for ,Percy Jackson, started as a bedtime story he made up for his son Haley.

Setting: The story is not specific about the time but it has 4 main locations where many things happen. These are Camp Jupiter (which is located in San Francisco), The Underworld, Alaska, and Canada.

Summary: The story begins with Percy waking up in the woods with no memories and finding his way to a camp for demigods like himself, Camp Jupiter. He meets two outcasts at the Camp, Frank and Hazel, and they become friends. They must free Death together.

Character Description: There are 3 main characters within the story; Percy, Hazel, and Frank. Percy is very brave and caring on the inside and he's a brown haired teenager on the outside. Frank is a very Battle intelligent boy with incomparable courageousness. He is a black haired teenager and is very stout. Hazel is a very torn girl. Her past haunts her and throughout her life she has experienced many terrible things. Her personal demons weigh on her. She has curly hair and is a teenager.

Theme: There are several central themes within this journey. The one I believe stands out the most is friendship can help you get though anything. Friendship binds these 3 heroes together. It makes them feel at home and gives them strength to go through the trials they must face. I feel that without the friendship between these 3 they wouldn't have been able to stop the end times.

Conflict: There are many conflicts within the story, but the main conflict is killing the giant and freeing Death. It is resolved when the trio defeats the giant and restores Death to his rightful place.

Quotes: "Romans, I present to you the son of Neptune. For months he has been slumbering, but now he is awake. His fate is in your hands. The Feast of Fortune comes quickly, and Death must be unleashed if you are to stand any hope in the battle. Do not fail me!"(pg. 28) These are words spoken by Juno that set up the rest of the story. It introduces Percy to the camp and it hints at the conflict in the story. "Together, you and Jason will unite the camps."(pg. 500) This is said by Juno at the end of the book and is a major plot point for the next book and it also sets up the ending for the book.

Vocabulary: Argentum-silver. Augury-an omen. Greaves-shin armor. Muster-military inspection. Trireme-warship. Basilisk-snake

Evaluation: Personally I loved this book. I've always had an interest in mythology and this book weaves an amazing story. It's gripping, compelling, and I feel as if I have more faith in friendship after reading this book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mythology. If I only used 3 words to describe this book it would be amazing, compelling, and adventurous.



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