Where: CEC Community Education Center 3500 Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, PA

Time: 12pm - 2pm

Actors: Come prepared with a memorized 1 minute monologue. Headshots and resumes are welcome.

Crew: come with 15 copies of your resume detailing relevant experience.

We are looking for Camera Operators, Sound Techs, Production Assistants, and Editors.

All selected participants will receive IMDb credit.

Films We Are Casting For

Hammer Head

Ethan, a successful business man, soon to be married, finds that his life has taken a dramatic turn and he loses everything after one night of a series of events.


ETHAN – 30ish, avg buld, a successful business man, Heather’s fiancé, 30ish, soon to be married, finds that his life has taken a dramatic turn as he starts to lose everything after one night of a series of traumatic events.

HEATHER – 30ish, nice buld, Ethan’s fiance’, daddy’s girl,

CALVIN – 30ish, Ethan’s co-worker / friend

TRISH TURNER – 50ish, nice buld, Heather’s ratchet mother,

MARK TURNER – 50ish, Ethan’s father in-law, shrewd business man, Heather’s father, Trish’s husband

JUDY – 30ish, receptionist, Ethan, Calvin, and Judy co-worker and friend

EXTRA’S FOR OFFICE PARTY – 15 (M) (F) 25-60 yrs.


When an interracial couple walks into a café to get a cup of coffee, they could never fathom the simultaneous reaction of support, hate, and racism they would encounter.


Tyrone (AfricanAmerican, 20’s, military man, even keeled, strong willed individual, very tolerant to ignorance).

girlfriend, significant other: (Caucasian, 20’s, dedicated to her man).

Kenny, Coffee guy, barista (Caucasian, 40’s, 50’s, relaxed attitude).

Kamilla: Café patron, protagonist, (strong African-American woman who speaks up)

Lenny: café patron, (20’s, 30’s, yuppie type, Caucasian, follower weasel type).

Big John (Sheriff, big Clint Eastwood type personality and tall).

Martha antagonist, (20’s 30’s 40’s).

Lenny’s girlfriend: (20’s 30’s).


In Philadelphia, Nikki, a stubborn seventeen year old struggles to cope with living her life alongside her mother, Tracey, whose bizarre behavior never goes unnoticed. In a desperate fight to escape their tumultuous relationship, Nikki realizes she must directly confront their troubles.

Tracey - Mother of Nikki, main character. Age range: 40 to 48 years old. Race: African-American. Body type: medium to heavy set build, short is preferred. Personality characteristics: nurturing, soft-spoken, quiet or distant, family oriented, highly sensitive. Additional notes - NATURAL HAIR PLEASE

Tiffany - Best friend of Nikki. Age range: 16 to 23 years old. Race: African-American. Personality characteristics: confident, optimistic, protective, artistic, kind-hearted, assertive

Miss Tonya - Tiffany’s mother. Age range: 40 to 48 years old. Race: African-American. Personality characteristics: assertive, observant, traditional, hard-working, family-oriented.

Three boys (background actors) - “Drug dealers” to Nikki. Age range: 16 to 23 years old. Race: open. Personality characteristics: “boyish”, rebellious, street smart, cocky, “intimidating”.

She Speaks NOT: Breaking The Silence

Shanda breaks free the day she finds the strength to say no more.

Shanda Williams: 27 year old African American woman. Professional working woman, no children.

John Williams: 29 year old African American man. Physically and verbally abusive husband of Shanda. He is a businessman for a large corporation.

Character Descriptions for film Extras:

4 Women 25-35 years old African American

1 Woman 25-35 years old Caucasian (Nurse)

2 Men 25-35 years old African American

1 Man 35-45 years old (Businessman)

2 Men 40-50 years old African American

1 Man 30-35 years old race unimportant (Firefighter)

1 Man 30-35 years old race unimportant (Police Officer)

1 Child 8-12 years old African American


Through his music, a musician meets the love of his life but must become someone else to win her.

Female Lead (appear to be mid 20’s to mid 30’s) a free-spirit but practical at times. She falls in love with those who love what they do.

Male Lead (appear to be late 20’s to mid 30’s) a troubled musician who is frustrated with his music label. He is rebellious and defiant.

Female Lead’s Boyfriend (late 20’s to mid 30’s) a bar circuit/ popular YouTube musician who just landed a record deal.

Music Executive (female, late 30- mid 40) a high level executive. Uninhibited, she falls in lust with her clients (male or female).

Female Lead’s best friend (female, appear to be mid 20’s to mid 30’s) is a level headed single woman. She has a stable career and always arrives on time. She has a comedic bone and loves to make her friends laugh. She is a worrier.

Female Lead’s best friend (male, appear to be mid 20’s to mid 30’s) is a queer burlesque dancer and events producer in the city.

Waitress (female, appear to be mid 50’s- mid 60’s) is a pleasant person to be around. She is warm and inviting. Unique in appearance.

Super Zeroes

It took getting powers, for these teen to realize their true power lied within all along.


Phoenix- 15-18 Very pretty girl. Modelesque. A self proclaimed "Selfie Queen"

with the followers to back it up.

TK- 16-18 An athlete. Works out constantly. He & Phoenix have been friends their whole lives.

Samir- 14-15 Not a genius, but wise beyond his years. He is an exchange student staying w/ Tk's

family. Tk's brother is w/ Samir's in the UAE

Drunk Man- A vagabond. Clearly intoxicated.

Mom- Phoenix's mother. A shop keep/corner store owner.

Customer- A random shopper in the store.

Loco Talk

Kat, a medical school dropout who endeavors into becoming a voice over actress while her brother doesn’t believe in her.

Kat Samonte-

Spunky and eccentric female in her early-mid 20s.

Chase Samonte-

Kat’s Brother also in mid 20s. More practical than Kat, very sarcastic

Matt Decker

Friend of Kat and Chase in mid 20s. Only responds in facial expressions

No Cash Refunds

Reeling from a failed marriage proposal, Avery must now face the uphill battle of trying to get a refund for the engagement ring that he purchased

Avery – (Late 20’s– Early 30’s) A mild mannered guy, that has street sense but is still trying to figure out this thing called life.

Drew – (mId 30’s) Sarcastic, witty and possibly a playa.

Thomas – (Late 20’s)Mature young adult with a caring heart but still able to relate to nonsense.

Tiffany – (Early 20’s) Cute around the way girl that has a heart of gold but can also fit right in with the boys.

Migdalia – (Mid-20’s) No nonsense woman who’s tongue is as sharp has a knife.

Waiter 1 – nonspeaking

Waiter 2 – nonspeaking

Waiter 3 - nonspeaking

Summer Son

Young woman poetically reflects on and tries to cope with a loss through her reflections.

Young Woman: 25-30 years

Man: 25-30 years (significant other)

Boy: 3-7 years

Photographer (male): over 25

Extras: 2 friends 25-30 years olds

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