Level 5 Leadership

Level 5 Leadership

Builds enduring greatness through a blend of humility and professional will.

Their ambition is first and foremost for the institution

Found in all eleven the good to great examples.

Abraham Lincoln and Colman Mockler

Inner intensity

Modest, willful, humble, and fearless

A great nation or company was more important than their ego

Ambition for the Company

Setting up Successors for Success

Seeks future success for the company

“Biggest dog” syndrome

A Compelling Modesty

Good to great leaders did not talk about themselves

Few articles focused on the good to great CEOs

Comparison leaders often driven by their ego

Unwavering Resolve…to Do What Must Be Done

Fanatically drive, infected with a need to produce results

Ten out of the eleven came from inside the company

Level 5 leaders are more of a plow horse than a show horse

The Window and the Mirror

Level 5 look out the window with success and look in the mirror for failure

Comparison leaders look out the window for failures and the mirror for success

Cultivating Level 5 Leadership

The Two Sides of Level 5 Leadership: Professional Will and Personal Humility

Those who do not have the seed of Level 5 and those who do

Potential Level 5 leaders are all around.


Good to great companies had level 5 leaders during the transition years

Level 5 leaders embody a mix of personal humility and professional will

Level 5 leaders are fanatically driven towards sustained success of the company

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