Coach Development Newsletters BEST OF June 2020

The Coach Development Department strives to accomplish it's three continuous goals: Promote the Rush Way, Provide Top Quality Learning Content to our coaches, and Develop Career Pathways within our Rush Soccer Coaches Pyramid.

Below, what we think you can't miss from the month of June.


The Rush Coaches Blog offers an open, informal space for all of our Rush coaches to share information and opinions and learn from each other. An invaluable opportunity that we get from being a part of this great club.

The Rush Soccer Blog had it's top moment during the month of June with the release of the article "What's A Style Of Play?", in which the author presents the differences among the concepts of Style Of Play, Strategy, and Tactics, and discusses about the most frequent misunderstandings that surround such concepts.

'Firstly, counterattacking is not a style of play but a tactic. Secondly, direct play and counterattacking are not necessarily the same thing. Liverpool FC plays direct, but they don’t drop back to a low block on purpose just to counter later, they just play direct because they don’t have a particular interest in long indirect, possession based passages. You could play direct and not have the counterattack as part of your strategy, and vice versa. For example, Barcelona won the Champions League in 2015 with Luis Enrique, and it was a very possession oriented team, indirect, that used to counterattack quickly because they had fast forwards. It was just part of the team’s usual strategy'

The article wraps the topic defining the concept of Style Of Play and adding quotes from some of the great, like Cesar Luis Menotti.

“I maintain that a team is above all an idea, and more than an idea it is a commitment, and more than a commitment it is the clear convictions that a coach must transmit to his players to defend that idea. So my concern is that we coaches don’t arrogate to ourselves the right to remove from the spectacle the synonym of festival, in favor of a philosophical reading that cannot be sustained, which is to avoid taking risks. And in football there are risks because the only way you can avoid taking risks in any game is by not playing.” – César Luis Menotti


WEBINAR SERIES: Chris P., our Developmental Director, has brought many world renowned professionals to his Webinar Series. Below, our selection of the month.

Possibly the most impactful moment of June took place on June 18th, when Chris P received Mutanda Kwesele, Columbus Crew SC Academy Coach, to discuss the topic of Coaching For Social Justice.

The webinar had a powerful message that led us to deep reflection.

'I want to highlight this: In Athletics we understand these ideas. We understand Equity, we understand Solidarity, but sometimes when we have to talk about topics outside of the field, like social issues or oppressed people, we seem to forget'

As well as moments in which the importance and the role of the coach in developing mindsets and paradigms in the youth were highlighted.

'If we teach life (or soccer) as a series of individual actions, our children will see life as such. If we teach life as a product of spatial relationships, our children will see life as such. How we see the world prejudices how we teach it and a paradigm is perpetuated'

Watch the full webinar below.

The Rush Soccer YouTube Channel stores all of the Coach Development webinars for everybody to re-watch at anytime. Find these and all.


With the intention of offering our support and assistance to our clubs during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Coach Development Department presented the Virtual Learning Center for daily training and learning activities for players and coaches. The VLC is accessible at all times through the Coach Development Website.

During the month of June, the Virtual Learning Center brought many valuable articles, videos, blog posts, and others.

One of the highlights of the month of June was a TiFo presentation on The Real History Of Catenaccio in which this very popular channel shares in their typical animated whiteboard style how this way of playing had it's origins in Switzerland in the early 1930's under coach Karl Rappan, and how it's been misinterpreted over the years, usually stereotyped as ultra defensive.

Possibly the most brilliant piece of coaching education content shared during the entire month took place when our friends from The Coaches' Voice published a Masterclass from Robert Moreno, Luis Enrique's Assistant Coach at the Spain National Team, in which the presenter explains the strategy and tactics applied during their last match against Romania, in which Spain prevailed with a brilliant 5-0 victory.

History of the beautiful game was a part of the monthly agenda through the presentation of Netflix show Becoming Champions, Episode 6: The Hand Of Fate? in which the history of Argentinian Football is shared in correlation to the country's development, diversity, social and political conflicts, and the almost mystical and recurrent appearance of soccer geniuses like Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, or Alfredo Di Stefano.

Last but not least, the world famous blog Spielverlagerung published an article about Pressing Traps Available In A 3-4-3, in which the subject is (as always) analyzed tactically in detail, presenting a very good guide and encouraging a reflection about the pressing and counter-pressing principles of play.

Must watch, read, and/or listen.


Rush Soccer counts on numerous talented, brilliant female coaches and personalities, and we want you to meet them.

The Rush Female Coaches Alliance is a beautiful program in which we highlight, on a quarterly basis, some of these amazing female coaches that are part of Rush Soccer.

This quarter we presented the wonderful Antonia 'Toni' Land.

The newsletter not only covers Toni's story as a player under Rush Soccer's President & CEO Tim Schulz and alongside the very Lindsey Horan, but also walks us through her coaching philosophies and goals, leaving some important tips for all aspiring players and coaches.

"...Players need to step on the field and bring the controllables... You know, there are so many things you can't control in soccer, but there are others that you can. The same applies for coaching: I can control my work ethic, I can control my effort, I can control my coachability..."

Read the whole newsletter clicking here.


One of the main goals of the Coach Development Department is to provide or collaborate in the creation of career advancement opportunities.

The month of June brought a new job opening, distributed through the Coach Development Department Careers Page.

Idaho Rush are currently looking for a Recreational Director & Competitive Coach. Brief description below.

The Recreational Director will assist in the oversight of the entire recreation program of the Idaho Rush Soccer Organization. This position requires the oversight of coaching education along with a professional ability to communicate well with the membership. He/She must possess an ability to work as a team player with employees as well as volunteers. The Recreation Director must be organized, self-motivated and possess an extensive background in soccer. Additionally, this position will also entail coaching two competitive Girls Teams and oversee the age group. For further questions, please contact Rob Hill at rhill@idahorush.com

COMING UP NEXT: The objective of the Rush Coach Development Department for July is to release The Rush Coaching Manual, our new platform for technical content, available for free for all coaches within Rush Soccer, as well as continuing to develop educational material in multiple languages by releasing the Rush Way By Age Groups In Spanish & Italian and hosting a webinar in Spanish with Argentina's U20 & U23 National Team Head Coach, Fernando 'Bocha' Batista, in which we will cover the topics of selecting players for all-star/select teams as well as preparing them for competition and tournaments. The execution of a Rush Coaching Education Workshop and hosting a webinar with S.L. Benfica about The U12 Player Experience @The Benfica Campus, both events being held through Rush Summit 2020 in July 9th & 10th, will definitely be highlights of the month.

Stay tuned coach! Find these and much more at www.rushcoachdevelopment.com