Virtual Reality The future or just a distraction?

Virtual reality (VR) are technologies that use virtual reality headsets to simulate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment or create an imaginary space or landscape . VR also simulates one's physical presence in an environment. This is an innovation in media and communications because it allows people to put themselves in a 3D space without actually being there.

guy uses VR headset that requires using a phone as the display

There are various positive impacts of VR. For example, emergency responders can use this along with a drone to investigate a dangerous environment to look for injured people who need help. Another example of a positive impact would be just for entertainment. As VR headsets become cheaper and more accessible, more people will be able to enjoy the litness that is virtual reality rollercoasters. However, there are also some negative impacts. For example, if someone was walking around the street they could be hit by a car or trip over something because their vision is totally impaired due to the headset. Another negative impact would be eye strain, due to extended use of the VR headset and from having a phone screen that close to your eyes.

strained eyes after extended use of virtual reality headset

I think this will impact media in the future by allowing people to do anything they want in the virtual world with unlimited possibilities. For example, in the real world, someone can't just build whatever they want. But, in virtual reality a person can create dream landscapes, build amazing structures, fight aliens and monsters and basically do anything they want.


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