Hicks By skyler merkison

My opinion on "hicks" is very stereotypical, I've never been friends with them and have always kind of disliked them.

When I think of hicks, I think of obnoxious, arrogant and all round dis likable people. When I got my ears pierced in 7th grade a group of them would call me gay, I live in Arundel so I'm surrounded by them. They always fly by my road with load trucks and my dog glitter got hick by one because they only think about themselves from my personal one sided belief view. I understand that this is very unfair to say or think because many of them can be hardworking and do a lot more than I can imagine. Working on a farm must be very hard and I can see how they might feel dumb in school when a lot of people portray them that way.

These are 5 quotes from local TA members about "hicks"

Rhay: "i think of camouflage, and hunting."

Mason: "I think of confederate flags, boots, and trucks.

Ethan: "I think they are usually dumb and oand pack a lip all day."

Emily: "they are compensating with big trucks and won't graduate"

Cove: "they pretended to be hardworking but get there truck money from there dads.

Social advantages and disadvantages

Some social advantages of the group is they are respected by other farmers and local things like mechanic shops. I know that I'm not much of a country person and look slot more city like and feel out of place at certain places where they wouldn't.disadvantes would be feeling dumb at school because a lot of them don't seek value it so many people portray them as du,b for that, so they might feel especially du,b, but really it's cause they are not trying as hard as they could, they remember a lot more about farm life instead. I would say that most times it's not that desirable to be in this group, but since we live in Maine which is a lot more country like, it's more than others. I wouldn't consider them very high on the social ladder though as well.

I think if I was out in a social group I would be put in the stoner group. This is most likely due to the fact that I'm a skater and skater seem to go hand and hand with stoners. Probably because skaters tend to be rebellious and smoking at a skatepark is pretty common. Though i don't meet these expectations cause I'm sober and don't want to smoke, most of my friends smoke though and I can see why they would think that. I feel dumb or lazy sometimes though cause most people act like that's how I am cause of my friends, but really I work outside of school and pay all my bills.

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