How people are facing cyclone Vardahon? story by sadaf ahmadzai

The strong winds and rain of cyclone Vardahon Monday afternoon 12Dec in Chennai caused much damage and has disrupted the daily life of people.

How this cyclone effected those living in shelters and don’t have proper houses?

Vengi with his family
Vengi rag pickers who live in a colony of about 300 make-shift houses in Kottur Market area said "Everything was blown away by the winds, the boards, and the sheets used to keep the house together. The government has not given us any compensation or relief help so far. We are now trying to pick up as much plastic and paper wastes as we can, and hopefully sell them for a price to get even food."

The rain and winds had made it very difficult for everyone, S.Ravi driver ask government to take proper action to bring normalcy in the state.

"The roads had all been blocked with trees and fallen electric poles. Our GPS and everything is not working. So, we are stationed at particular places like Velachery or Pallavaram and we pick up any customers who might need our services there." He said
S. Spinivasan another auto driver said " As an auto driver, I am out to do my job. I'm not expecting many customers but I would like to help as many people to get around, since buses and trains have been stopped as well in most places, and if I'm paid for it then it's good."

Also Ananyaa Desikan resident of margum bakun complained about electricity, uprooting trees, defacing high-rises, smashing cars, transport services and telecommunication tahat affected their normal live.

The weather system that was first noticed nearly five days ago, grew into a ‘very severe cyclonic storm’ and by the time it crossed the city near the Chennai Port, it had weakened into a ‘severe cyclonic storm’ with maximum wind speeds touching 110 kmph-120 kmph.

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