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Nike Franchise

Our company is apart of the Nike Franchise and are taking a store overseas. The product we want to sell are mainly shoes but some clothing as well. Australian's have a high participation in sports so having a sports store to fit their needs is essential.

The US has a trade surplus with Australia :). Australia's largest export to the world is Iron Ore

Statistics Surplus and Deficit Found:

Major exports in Australia are coal, iron, gold, meat, wool and wheat. While major imports are machinery and transport equipment, computers, crude oil and petroleum products.

Australia's Capital is Canberra, with some of the largest cities being Sydney (picture above from Sydney), Melbourne, and Brisbane. Australia's infrastructure is not ranked super high but have some key structures that play major roles. There are some beautiful bridges all around Australia, along with some unique architectural buildings. Australia came up with a Infrastructure Plan that can possibly occur over a period of 15 years. They plan to achieve solutions to drive growth, enhance the standard of living, and maintain their reputation of world class cities. While the people of Australia understand some of the risks that can occur they put this plan in place is order to compete with other countries.

Demographics: The population of Australia is 22,992,654 and the primary language is English. Major occupations of Australia are professionals, sales workers and administrative workers with the unemployment rate is 5.8%.

Australian culture

Australians have a culture that is very similar to American culture. The culture is modeled after a western style. Many Australians dress causally with some designer products in the mix. Most practice some form of Christianity with some Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism, and other religions. The climate is generally dry; temperate in south and east; tropical in north. The land is mostly low plateau with deserts but fertile plain in the southeast. The art is generally western, however, the Australian aborigines have their own sub culture with forms of dance and cave paintings. The cuisine is western meat, meat pies, sandwiches, and salads. Fairly similar to western food eaten by Americans.

Australian Culture and Business Today

Australia's oldest surviving culture Abrolian culture are those of the Aborigina and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Their ancestors have inhabited Australia for between 40,000 and 60,000 years, living a hunter-gather lifestyle. Australia’s main religious belief is Christianity. It is very obvious that men are seen as superior in their society as opposed to women. In 1895 women started to gain equality within their nation and were able to vote and do various other things only men were allowed to do previously. Small gifts are recommended in Australia. They also expect to have proper etiquette and respect their culture.

American Culture and Business Today

Australians beliefs and ideas are similar to Americans culture. They like to minimize government involvement to have more individual rights. Australians like to facilitation of wealth with equal opportunity among all. Gender roles have minimal affect from religion in Australia. Gifts are not expected when business meetings are held in this country. It is also best not to send gifts to them on holidays or birthdays. Unless you are invited to a family dinner or get together, then you are expected to bring flowers. Other unknown rules are that you keep elbows off the table, arrive right on time or no more than 15 minutes late to an event.

#1. Toyota

What does Toyota believe in? Delivering outstanding automotive products and services to the customers, enrich the community, partners, and environment. This corporation produces different types of cars ranging from small cars to SUVs. Toyota is located in over 170 countries and regions all around the world.

#3. EXON


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