The History of Soccer By Kara and Addison

The Chinese game of Tsu Chu is shown above, played around 2500BC.


The first soccer balls were human heads and inflated cow and pig bladders (shown).

The most popular belief of where it originated is in China, but some also believe that it originated in England, Germany, or Egypt. Some others believe it started in Rome, Greece, or Brazil.

The early games in England looked like mob scenes from two villages, where one village tried to get the ball to the center of the other.


The first soccer tournament was held in 1871 in England.

Soccer started becoming popular when British traders and sailors introduced the game to people on their travels. This happened at the end of the 19th century.

The first World Cup Final was played between Uruguay and Argentina in 1930. Uruguay won with 4-2


This is a map of the most popular sports in countries today. You notice that there is an abundance of green? This is the distribution of the sport in the world, as a result of diffusion.

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