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Design Thinking the Customer Experience

The Digital Consumer vs. the Analog Business Model

Customer Experience Map

Changing Consumer Behavior with Print + iVX.

VIP: High-definition Variable Data Printing is to printing as iVX is to video


The Tech Stack: Next-generation Content Powered by Big Data

Why We Should All Be Raving Fans of Interactive Video

1. Online video is growing faster than any other medium today.

In fact, Cisco Systems projects online video will account for over 70% of all mobile traffic by the end of 2017.

Thinking waits. Feeling acts!

2. Interactive video is the perfect medium for creating an emotional connection.

Brain science has now proven that all trust, loyalty, and decision-making come from the limbic (or feeling) part of the brain.

iVX® Video Solutions Will Dramatically Improve ROI!

3. Interactive video experiences influence better results.

• 37% higher lead conversion • 66% of prospects prefer email to phone • 88% higher click-throughs with video • 200% longer engagement

iVX® is the only interactive video experience platform in the world that is capable of delivering on these 6 powerful features:

1. Personalized

Not only can the platform personalize videos to a 1:1 level at massive scale, but personalizations include far more that a name appearing in a video. Video content such as gender, race, age, and other segmentation data can drive personalization.

2. Two-Way

iVX® interactive video experiences not only support decision trees, but any data inputs and question logic. For the first time, we can have conversations and "listen" to viewers, then respond accordingly.

3. Connected

The iVX® platform architecture supports open-API big data in OR out. Now third-party information can alter a video experience in real time, or actions within a video experience can create external actions such as phone calls, text messages or order print materials. iVX® can also post any experience data into any existing CRMs that support APIs.

4 Actionable

One of the most powerful features of iVX® is the ability to embed calls-to-action directly in a video experience. Apply now, register, vote, buy, give, post, call. We convert from a passive medium to a high-performance ACTIVE medium.

5. Insightful

Every interaction and milestone with an interactive video experience is captured in our platform in the form of an "experience map" and can also trigger any so a set of robust notifications for follow-up, reporting, and campaign optimization.

6. Behavioral

The iVX® platform allows for adaptive, sequenced content delivery based on data triggers that occur DURING an interactive video experience of from third-party data. Triggers can generate new content dynamically, fire third-party web events / scheduled actions, or generate real-time SMS or email notifications.

Thank You for Re-thinking Your Customer Experience.

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