Ella Fisher Commercial design portfolio

My name is Ella Fisher and I'm a student from southwest Michigan. I Like to play music, specifically guitar. I also enjoy painting and drawing. My art style is nothing specific; I just make the things that I like.

Logo design

Throughout designing a coffee company, I wanted to evoke a cozy feeling in someone. Perhaps the same one you would get from snuggling up with a good book on a rainy day. Finding the right color scheme was a challenge. I decided to stay with earthy tones to keep it warm and inviting. When putting together the business card and letterhead, I knew I wanted to incorporate 'bubbles' or circles, so that's what I did.


Creative assignments are always a fun thing to look forward to during the week. They help me to brainstorm and better my creative process.


Created with an image by Nietjuh - "paint arts artist"