the depression by michael chavez

life in the depression

it was 1930, jun 10 the great depression started to fall in. i was 16 everyone started losing there jobs. my father lost his job because the company couldn't afford to pay there workers. so me and my father had picked cotton for 75 cents for 3 weeks for pay. this was all we could find, i had come home everyday tiered for 35 cents. id often go on the street and beg for dimes or quarters.

when the depression started to set in everyone was losing everything. food was scarce and no one could pay for it. even some women sold their kids for money to be able to afford food. me and my family all had to work my 2 brothers and my dad had to pick cotton and that rarely even feed us. when the stock market crashed all the stores when out of businesses. we tried to find free hand outs such as free soup. some times me and my family would go without eating for a few days as months past by never finding hope when we seem to hit rock bottom my father told me he couldn't take care of me he told me to "go live for yourself" so i was in my own i had to find my own food and make my own money to support myself.

as i wondered the streets finding any change or food someone might have dropped. I had used the 75 cents to buy me an apple. life was getting hard i didn't know if i could make it or if i would starve to death and be left out on the street. id often find my self searching for something, i had no clue but i just cheeped looking. I thought i was losing my mined because i haven't eaten in days for weeks at a time. my belly acing my head was hurting and i could barley walk. i had found a box full of small foods like apples that keep me going for a little. as years pasted it was finally a new area of the box car boys and world war 2 the depression was finally over i had made it some how with living off of scraps of the street and fighting for food. factories started opening up i had somehow found a job making bullets. now i can finally support myself and the depression is over the hell we lived in for 10 years it was finally over.

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