The Transcontinental Railroad A look at The railroad that connected the east and west

The transcontinental railroad was a masterpiece of work that are country worked on though out the 1860s starting in 1863 and ending in 1869.

A map of the railroads

Like most other things in history this did not just happen overnight

It took many years of hard work and over those years of hard work the railroad faced many challenges

One the the real big challenges the Central Pacific railroad faced was that they had to cut though the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Winters provided freezing temperatures and avalanches took out whole camps.

The Union Pacific railroad had challenges too. Mostly it was that they were cutting though Native American territory.

Working on the railroad

So as you could guess many people around the world came to work on the rail rode. Most of the people that worked on the railroad were Irish and Chinese immigrants.

Leland Stanford was the president of the Central Pacific railroad because he brought a sweeping political influence to the partnership that insured this privately financed project all the advantages of public funding. Because of him now the railroad had all of the advantages of subsidy witch is to get money from the government

This railroad helped the country in so many ways. It helped move people from the east to the west in a coupe days instead of weeks. We could get goods and supply's from the east to the west a lot faster also now.

Inserting the golden spike


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