Sniper By liam o'flAhtery

A republican sniper is laying on the roof of a house. He decideds to risk a quick smoke, but all of the sudden the enemy sees him and they start trying to shoot him. He kills two people and then is in a shoot off with a enemy sniper until the enemy hits him. The republican digs out the bullet and treats it. He can't shoot with the sniper rifle because his arm is useless, so he comes up with a plan. He puts his hat on his gun to make it look like him, then lets the enemy shoot it. When the bullet hits he drops the hat and the gun to make it look like he died. When the enemy stands up to celebrate the republican shoots him with his revolver and the enemy falls down dead. The rebulican gets down from his spot and becomes curious about who the enemy was, so he goes over to the spot and turns the body over... and looks at the face of his brother.

Fighting is a scary thing that just results in loss. -Daniel Meekin

The sniper shoots his brother just because they were on different sides of a war.

This is related to the theme because the war that they were in was forcing them to kill countless people because of a disagreement. The sniper in this story is so used to the war war that he can shoot down two people without thinking, but then he kills his brother and suffers his first big loss in this war.

The sniper has to kill three people because they were on the opposite side.

This may not affect the sniper as much, but it is a horrible thing because those three people might have had kids and the kids will never see their parent before because of the killing and darkness of war.

The sniper might never be able to use his arm again because it was shot.

The sniper got shot in the arm and because of that the wound might be so bad he won't be able to use his arm again. The loss of his arm would make things very difficult too, he might not be able to tie his shoes or be able to do other things that involve two hands.


Created with images by André Gustavo Stumpf - "Snipers"

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