William Shakespeare By:ian sanchez

William Shakespeare


Writer 1:

"Shakespeare owned a modest percentage of the theater and its operations." (Globe)


Shakespeare owned most of the theater and its operations.

Writer 2

"Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays, two major narrative poems, a sequence of sonnets, and several short poems"


He was a great write, he wrote many plays and poems.

Writer 3

Examples include such common words as assassination, bump,eventful, go-between, gloomy, and lonely, as well as such familiar phrases as fair play, a forgone conclusion, and salad days.


His work has impacted the way we talk today with the words he wrote.

Writer 4

"Shakespeare’s poetry is full of vivid metaphors and brilliant images. His verbal skill also reveals itself in a tendency for wordplay and puns."


His work also has metaphors and wordplay which makes it more fun


Actor 1

"We know that several years later, by 1592, Shakespeare had already become an actor and playwright."


In 1592 Shakespeare became a actor and playwright.

Actor 2

"Shakespeare used language of startling originality to portray many-sided characters and tell fascinating stories"


Shakespeare had many ways of telling and showing stories.

Actor 3

"The plays were performed in the afternoon."


The plays were played in the afternoon so there could be light.


Producer 1

"Shakespeare's plays were still produced all over the world."


Shakespeare's plays are very important and still played all over the world.

Producer 2

"In Shakespeare's day, Juliet would have been played by a trained boy actor.


Shakespeare's produced play "Romeo and Juliet" Julirst was played by a boy.

Producer 3

"Shakespeare worked with this company for the rest of his writing life."


Shakespeare worked with a company for the rest of his writing life to produce more plays and poems.


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