Good Life Performance: The Divine Eric AmRhein

The Spacial Experience
Outside of the theater before the play

I was excited as I walked into the Reitz Union and saw the theater where the play was being held. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I went in with an open mind. When I sat down, I realized that I was in the very front in the center-most seat with a perfect view of the play. It couldn't have been a better seat because it made me feel like I was almost part of the play, in a sense. As the lights dimmed, the auditorium seemed to shrink down to the size of just the stage area, which was the only thing lit in the room. This whole experience made me realized that place plays a big role in the good life. A person's surroundings can have a strong influence of how the perceive their own good life. The people you surround yourself with, the family you were born into, the school you go to, and the organizations you affiliate with are all different examples of "place." These play the biggest role in someone determining their own good life, and based on everyone's own place, they are able to create a unique one for themselves.

The Social Experience
Me and my friend, Drew, in the auditorium

I was able to attend the play with my friends Drew, Shaun, and Saj, as well as a full auditorium of other students. The room was pretty full, which added to the experience of the play. If there were less people there, it wouldn't have felt like an authentic play. Going with my friends was fun because we all got to experience the play together and make it a memory for all of us. This represents a good example of the role that shared experiences play in the good life. Being able to experience various things with your peers makes your good life a shared good life with those around you to make a unique experience for everyone. Your peers are the people who are in the same stage of your life that you are in and sharing those different experiences with them deepens your relationship with them. Shared experiences are another essential component to the development of the good life. Without them, you wouldn't have anyone to share life with.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience
View from my seat at the play

Going into The Divine play, I had no prior knowledge of what it was about whatsoever. As the play began and the characters revealed themselves, it took a little while for me to understand what was going on. Once I started to understand though, the play turned out to be quite interesting. The play took place in the 1900s in Canada and the main theme of the story was based around inequalities between social classes. I have had some education on social classes and how they have been determined before, so my knowledge on the subject was enough that I could understand why things were happening during the play. This being said, the play did not change my views about social class issues. What it did do, though, was bring to light the fact that there is a division between the upper and lower classes. I have never experienced this division first had, as I have been fortunate enough to live comfortably without having to worry about making ends meet every day. The Divine made me grateful for this, and it also made me feel for those who do not have this amazing privilege. After working on numerous mission trips around the US, I have helped people who can't help themselves, and it has brought me a great sense of happiness. This cultural experience has been a strong influence on how I form my good life.

The Emotional Experience
Outside of the play after it was over

The Divine does a great job of incorporating the idea of katharsis. The story of how Talbot and his family struggle through poverty and how Talbot and Michaud have the opportunity to come clean and make up for the wrongs they have done is a great example of katharsis. The play also highlights the role that priests play in society and how Talbot went against the traditional role of the priest but was allowed to come clean and make up for his mistakes as a thief. The Divine provides us with the opportunity for katharsis because it allows us to reflect on our own lives and how we have done wrong. It allowed me personally to reflect on the religious aspect of my life. After the play was over, I was able to have the opportunity for katharsis and come clean for myself emotionally and religiously.


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