The Magic Helmet By:pEg pattersoN

In the middle of North Chicago the Asylum Skatepark has stood for ten years and for those years skaters have come from all around to skate. Mosis, a kid that wanted just to skate but he was scared of everything.

His parents are antisocial and he didn't go outside very often. Every day he would head over to the asylum and he just wouldn't learn anything. Years of dedication but nothing would seem to go his way, skating was his outlet but he just needed to find a plug that worked.

Mosis was greeted by a stranger that was holding something shiny behind his back, Mosis was scared. The man said “I see you are having some trouble,” Mosis shrugged. “Maybe I could help you with that” the man said.

Mosis started to walk away slowly. Mosis flashed back for a second to two months ago, when his parents had told him not to talk with people that he deemed to be "sketchy" He just thought to himself “what if this dude is a creep with a van trying to steal me.”The stranger handed Mosis these a gold knee and emerald elbows and then he handed Mosis a hat so bright and shiny Mosis couldn't see the hat itself he could only touch it. Mosis put them on the stranger said “with these you can do anything you set your mind to”.

Then Mosis started climbing to the top of the nine foot ramp. The others at the skatepark pointed and laughed at mosis. He tried to drop in but he just hit the floor and and landed on his bum. The other skaters went wild slapping their knees like there would be no tomorrow. Mosis was sitting their crying for a good two minutes then suddenly he got back up and climbed back onto the nine foot ramp.

The stranger yelled to Mosis, “there's a button on the left elbow pad, hit that.” He did and suddenly he started shuddering and twitching.“And mosis remember as long as you have your extra elbows and knees and your hat you will be safe,” the stranger said.

He dropped in and he landed it and kept going! He double tre flipped the fly out two stair, he kept going he heelflip sect change to fakie crooked grind the rail.(these are all extremely hard skateboard tricks)After he landed the trick he started searching all over the park for the stranger. He looked and looked but the man was nowhere to be found.

Mosis came back the next day so stoked to skate Mosis went to the top of the ten foot ramp he was setting up to drop in, then he fell and landed onto his head.

Mosis was not wearing his his or his extra knees, now he doesn't need to. Mosis doesn’t need to do much now a nurse does it for him. Now Mosis is the spokesperson for a helmet company.

Mosis paralyzed for life but it doesn’t stop him from spreading the word about helmet/hat safety. Mosis later in life looked back on the day before his freedom was taken the day he met the stranger, the reason he didn’t wear his helmet was because he peeled of the spray paint. He believed he was to good for a helmet, but now his slogan is “you're never too good for a helmet.”

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