My Culture Noah Bravo

My Beliefs: The normal behavior in my family is to always be respectful to all people and to act appropriately. I have been taught at a young age to know right from wrong and what people should do to be respectful. My food is given to me without me having to pay for it and I am able to express myself with the way I dress and what I choose as long as it is appropriate. I do not have to pay for my clothing and my food unless I am with my friends.

My Language: I am from California and have lived in Oregon and Washington as well. Since I have moved here a few years ago I have noticed that the way people talk is different than the way my family and I would normally talk. For example, Y'all. My family and I would not say that just because we are not from the south and we would consider that southern slang. But I am not disrespecting languages because if I said certain things here people would not consider that what they would say.

My Relationships: I was taught to have strong relationships with my family and my friends and I am allowed to spend time with both gender people. My family lets me stay with my friends until late at night or I'm able to have a sleepover. I see my family that I don't live with sometimes but it is hard because they live in different states.

My Technology: Usually when there is some sort of new technology I will eventually receive it. I will either get it for my birthday or for Christmas if I need it. We have computers and we all have iPads and I realize that we are more fortunate than others.

My Institutions: I have already received my passport when I was very young and I will plan to get married in the future. I have traveled a lot in my life but not so much out of the country.

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