The Art Room BY: Téa

My favorite place on campus is the art room. Whenever I walk in the art room I feel optimistic and creative. The art room is is a place you can't make mistakes and there is no right answer. This is my favorite place on campus because we are given these abstract assignments we can do anything on. There is no going wrong in art class. You don't get graded for any work you have done. Instead you can feel proud of you artwork. I remember when I first came to this school and my class was heading to art for the first time in the school year. Art then wasn't my favorite thing to do. I ended up having the time of my life. From then on I couldn't wait for art class. To this day I love art class and always will.

Artwork here at St. Stephens is acknowledged. All students work hard but have fun making art. Our art teacher Ms. Nardo is encourages students to be abstract and very creative by making art.


In art we have many materials to help make our art unique. Even with the littlest amount of materials you can make a masterpiece. If you try your art will come to life.

This is my ornament. I made this to resemble the art room. At first I was stuck on what to make. Then I thought of how art is about being creative. So I decided to make a 3D diamond with lots of creative drawings on each side.

This is my diamante poem about the art room and St. Stephens


I choose these quotes because they show what art is really about.

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