Texas School for the Deaf "You be the reason"

The Texas School for the deaf is one of the most inspiring, motivating, and uplifting schools I have ever been to. At this school, deaf children can find their voices and learn how to use them to impact the people around them. Being deaf is not a disability, but simply a challenge. TSD reminds it's students of that. Through their unique learning techniques, they remind parents and students that nothing is impossible. If you don't want to invest in some of this generation's smartest people, you are crazy! Take a closer look:

After taking a look at the children and young adults attending this school, you have to see the potential of these amazing children. Can you imagine if nobody had taken the time to invest into their education? Children with the same potential as hearing kids would have to limit their abilities due to their education! Over 350,000 people in Texas alone are deaf. Just the thought of having that many people in Texas with no income due to a hearing challenge is so sickening. 2/3 of America invests (somehow) in the education of deaf children. Don't be the 1/3 that doesn't.

"love" in american sign language
Learning to sign basic conversations

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