Everything, Everything Jennifer Lim Period 5

Author; Nicola Yoon
  • Born the year of 1972 in Jamaica but moved to Los Angeles and is currently still living in California
Jamaica to California

Widely known for...

writing and publishing Everything, Everything and The Sun Is also a Star.

Interesting Facts...

Nicola's husband not only illustrated this Hawaiian fish seen in the book, but did so without hesitation when she asked him to at 4 in the morning.
Nicola Yoon's favorite writing "snack" is tea !
"Just because you can't experience everything doesn't mean you shouldn't experience anything." -Nicola Yoon, 2015

In the novel, the main character, Madeline Whittier is "allergic" to the world and was not able to experience anything behind closed doors. All her life, she's been told she can't do all the things a normal person is able to do because of her condition. She's spent her whole childhood reading about the outside world, slowly obtaining knowledge also slowly being lured into the abyss that is the outside. One day, Maddy's new neighbor, Olly became her final decision that she does not want to stay inside, isolated from the rest of the world anymore. She believes that, although she's risking everything, including her life, it is worth it just to experience the few things she finally got to do when she ran away from home.

Interesting Facts...

Due to her love for love, Nicola Yoon based her young adult romance novel by referring to her experiences of falling in love with her husband to Madeline and Olly.
Nicola was inspired to write the novel because of her daughter. As a new mom, she worried about all the little things that could harm her child which led to her thinking what would happen to the relationship between a mother and daughter if she was in need of constant protection?


The quote above emphasizes the importance of risk-taking. Madeline took her chances leaving her house to live.


Constantly being told I can't do things others are able to do, drives me. My life consists of "No's", "You can't do it", "You should know better", and "Don't ask again". I should be thankful my life is being safeguarded by over-protective parents, but after years and years of not being able to go to hang out with my friends, being told I'm not allowed to do sports, and being told I'm not allowed to leave my house at all, has gotten to the point where I have to lie to them to do things normal kids do. I like to prove people wrong, no matter the situation. Just like how Madeline wants to prove her condition wrong by stepping outside her house.

Thematic Statement.

The photo literally tells you to "just do it". Do things you don't normally do, and don't think about it. Nicola reiterates that you will have regrets, but that's the best part. Not just living, but being alive.
“I was happy before I met him. But I’m alive now, and those are not the same thing.”

The theme portrayed in the story is love.

  • All Madeline did, she did for love.
  • Madeline tried not to bicker with her mom about her being isolated in the house because she loved her mother.
  • Madeline's mother kept her in the house all these years because she couldn't risk the only person she had cared for and loved the most.
  • She fell for Olly so hard, she was willing to risk her life to be with him.
  • Although it was never stated, in order to take risks, Madeline had to understand that she loved herself enough to leave the safe haven that is her home and that she will still be okay after putting her life in danger to pursue her love for adventure.

Nike's slogan in the photos were initially meant to motivate athletes who might be having an off day or think a workout is too hard to do. Some people need a little push; Nike is there to tell you to "Just do it". I feel this can be taken to any perspective. "Just do it" is basically the overall motto to take a risk.

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Jennifer Lim

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