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For this exhibit the three different techniques that I decided to test out was flash cards, mind maps, and self-testing. Before starting this portfolio, I had tried only one of these techniques before and that was self-testing, but I felt as if I didn’t do it in the proper way. The other two techniques had been fairly new to me, so I decided to give them a shot. While using these techniques in only two different classes I still received enough information from the three to know which ones worked best and not too good. The technique that I feel didn’t work the best for me was using the flash cards. Using flash cards for a history test wasn’t really one of the best things to do. On the other hand, I tried using the mind map technique with the same history class, but with the second test and my grades made a dramatic increase. The last and most useful technique out of the three, self-testing, worked the best for me. Even though this technique didn’t produce the highest grade out of the three, it still helped more than grades can show with one of my harder classes. The mind map and the self-study techniques really did help to boost my confidence level a lot when it comes to studying for tests. I honestly feel that them will be two techniques that I continue to work with throughout any test that I have to take in life.

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