The Assasination of Jean-Paul Marat Briahna Forrest


One of the most outspoken leaders of the French Revolution Jean-Paul Marat was just assassinated by Charlotte Corday, a daughter of an aristocrat. Marat was found dead in the tub of his home in Paris, France on July 13, 1793. The assassination of Marat was allegedly planned July 14, 1793 at the Bastille Day parade which was cancelled and Corday was forced to go into his home to complete the plan. Corday made an appointment with Marat saying that she had a list of conspirators for him. Marat, who suffered from a skin disease, was working while taking one of his many medicinal baths when Corday appeared and pulled a knife from her bodice and stabbed Marat in the chest. Marat died almost instantly.

Jean-Paul Marat at the scene of his death

Corday was a Giordin sympathizer, she could have been upset at the fact that Marat was nominated for a position on the legislative body and was able to crush the Giordin party in June of 1793. How could Marat's death affect the people who look up to him and see him as a great political leader?

Charlotte Corday

Corday's motive was that that Marat was a violent influence that would lead to the end of France and she believed this was the way she could save her country. After killing Marat she didn't try to flee, she just stood there and waited for the police to come to arrest her. Corday thought she would be looked up to for doing what she thought was a service to her country. But instead of Corday being seen as someone who is helping France, Marat is actually being seen as a martyr for the struggling people of France. Marat is being worshipped and people are rioting because of his death. There has never been a political figure whose followers compare to the followers of Jesus such as this. Will Marat's death continue to be seen as a huge political symbol or will people decide that Corday's action were accountable?

Before Marat's death, he was not seen as a great political leader to all. Some say Marat as mad and didn't respect him because of the odor his skin disease let off. His writing styles instigated violence and paranoia during the Terror. One of his works, "The Friend of the People" exposed people. He verbally attacked certain people and exposed conspiracies and scandals. How do you think these editions had impact with the people they were about?

Well it can probably be guessed not every well. Later on in the revolution, Marat also targeted the King and that's why he was seen as a threat to some people including people such as Charlotte Corday. Will there be more assassinations such as this one from people who believe they are helping our country, or will France finally band together to go against the real threat of our country?

Rest in Peace Jean-Paul Marat

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