My Career Research Project by elizabeth ryder

This is a wordle of my character traits. These are the good qualities about me that would make people want to hire me to work for them.

My top 3 characteristics that I got on naviance were artistic, enterprising, and social. Artistic will be very helpful when it comes to being and art teacher obviously and enterprising means that i can start and carry out projects which will be good as well and lastly, social will be a very important characteristic since I will have to teach and help young kids all day.

I really want to become an art teacher because I love art and I like working with kids. It would be a job I would want to do everyday!
I could go to NYC school of Graphic Design because it would be beneficial to go to a school that is aimed directly at art. I want to major in Art education to become an art teacher. Also it is close to where I live.

Requirements -Public schools require a license but private schools don't. Licensing requires a bachelor's degree of education from an approved teacher education program, a student teaching internship, and a passing score on a competency test.

I would like to be an art teacher in an Elementary school or primary school because I like little kids.
Here are some of the career requirements for me to become an art teacher. I now can look more at schools because i know what I need to get. I will need to look for a place to get an internship and get a Bachelors degree and maybe even a masters degree too.
The average annual wage for craft and fine arts was $45,080 in May 2015.


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