Taste This Cornet Bay Company

Thanks to a cowboy on Whidbey Island, people get a taste of the Pacific Northwest, more specifically, Cornet Bay.

Over thirty years, the Kroger Company has private labeled the Smoked Salmon dip and Southern Crab dip by Cornet Bay. These Pacific Northwest gourmet dips has been selling in Kroger seafood shops in the south and southeast, and in the King Sooper chain in Colorado for years. Introducing the south and Midwest to some of the best seafood in the county, Cornet Bay Gourmet Foods shares some of the best deliciousness this area has to offer, while putting Cornet Bay on the map for gourmet food.

A little closer to home, you can find the Kroger labeled Smoked Salmon dip in the seafood shops in all Fred Meyer stores, selling at only $2.99 a container.

But their dips are not the only taste of Cornet Bay available. You can find Cornet Bay sauces, spices, dressings, mustards, and more on the Cornet Bay website, QFC stores, Fred Meyers, and at Three Sisters Market in Coupeville, WA.

These mouth-watering temptations will delight your taste buds, tantalize your gourmet palette, and make any recipe a gourmet dream without breaking the bank.

On their website you will find delicious recipes from Joanne’s Kitchen, making any dish a Cornet Bay dish of yumminess.

As Arnie Deckwa always says, “Make your day Cornet Bay.”

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Karla Locke

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