IceMan Jaron Vanderhoff

Do you want to know the name of the best battle bot ever. IceMan is the name of our awesome bot. IceMan is the bot that doesn't move but it still won. Our bot is very strong and held up against other bots. Our bot has a very strong base that helped us win against bots. The weapons on our bot was very strong and deadly. The reason why our bot is so good is because we had to retry over and over again. My partner that helped me make this amazing bot is Oliver Rivera. The IceMan is the best bot because it has strength, deadly weapons, and has strong defense.

IceMan is the best bot because of its strength. First reason why our bot is so strong is because it has baseball bats on the side of it, so it takes barely any damage. When we were attacked, the other bots couldn’t affect us because of our strength in the bot. When IceMan attacks he uses his strength to his advantage and destroys the other bots. 8 out of 10 bots in the tournament lost to IceMan. When people hit our bot, barely any damage was made. Not very many people could beat our bot. All those facts obviously show that are battle bot, IceMan, is the strongest in the whole class.

The IceMan is the best bot because of its weapons. IceMan has one of the most deadliest weapons. The deadliest weapon is our saw in the front. Our secondary weapon would be our spikes. The saw is a very sharp and fast spinning blade that cuts through other bots. The spikes just stick into the other bots and tear them up. The spikes also could keep the bot against the saw. That is why IceMan has the deadliest weapons in the whole class.

IceMan is the best because of its defense. IceMan’s main defensive weapon is the baseball bats. The baseball bats are made out of metal. The bats weren’t even damaged from the other bots which show that we had the best defensive plan. Our other defense was out little mini saw in the back of our bot. That mini saw had 2 different sets of spikes. So when a bot would try to hit us from the back it just hurt them. IceMan has by far the best defensive plan.

Strength, deadly weapons, and strong defense is a description of the best bot ever, IceMan. Strength that was shown told you that IceMan was the strongest bot. Deadly weapons is exactly what helped us win against the class. IceMan had the best defense that won battles and much more. No one ever destroyed our bot our bot was still alive and healthy. So, you think you could make a bot that could beat IceMan?

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