Exploring Technology By: Vincent Ceci

Spaghetti Tower

On the first day of school we made a spaghetti tower in groups of three. Kevin, William and I made two towers and connected them at the top to create the tallest tower possible. This project took about the whole class period to create the best possible tower.


We used different measuring techniques to get perfect size pieces of wood for our wood crates. This helped us because if the wood wasn't the correct size we wouldn't have been able to build the crate.

Wood Crates

We used different size pieces of wood, and hot glue to create this wood crate. We constructed this crate by measuring pieces of wood and then cutting them.


During the project, we created the image online on sketchup. On sketchup we designed the barn and also designed the inside of the barn.

French Curve

The way we created this french curve was by tracing a template. Then we went to the scroll saws and cut them out.

Hydraulic Machines

The way we created this hydraulic machine was by following directions that came in the box with all of the pieces.

Solar Cars

While creating this solar car we followed directions on how to hook up the solar panel to the motor and the gear to the wheels.

Birdhouse Project

We used pieces of wood that were a 1/2 inch wide and 2 ft long. We cut these pieces and glued them together to create this birdhouse.
To create the final drawing, we had to find the top, front and side views of the object. After we found these views we had to put them together to construct the final piece.


Created with images by autobaptistgallery - "2015 Acura NSX" • ShaneMcC - "Spaghetti Towers" • Sean MacEntee - "measuring tape" • Jim Wise - "Barn" • Tim_Roberts - "solar car kit"

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