Nature Activity Florida Museum of natural history


The Natural History Museum is beautiful and full of amazing exhibits. My favorite exhibit was the temporary installment: Frogs! A Chorus of Color. Below is a picture of my favorite frog, the tomato frog, featured in the exhibit. Over all the museum itself is inspiring and full of visually pleasing and interactive exhibits. It brings you into the world of different organisms and effortlessly teaches generations.

Tomato Frog

Nature on Display

The exhibit I found most visually appealing was the Estuary Close-Up. If brought the patrons down onto the ocean floor to see the world from the small fish and crustaceans perspectives. One can learn about these organisms and their ecosystems and how to protect them. What I found most appealing was how everything, the sculptures, paintings, lighting, and music, work so well together to put you on the ocean floor. It feels as if you are really there.

Nature and Ethics

When I first entered the Butterfly Rainforest I was filled with awe. All the butterflies fluttered about landing on people and then flying away. It seems like a magical place that can only be experienced here, however, this experience is just an escape into the world of nature. The experience in the museum did instill an ethical responsibility, in me, to nature as Leopold imagines. You see the beauty in these insects and you want to preserve it. I want to be able to have more places like this,a little oasis of nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The exhibit that captured the mystery and majesty of nature was the Florida Fossil exhibit.In this exhibit one can see the creatures that roamed the earth in our past. Knowing what once was and used to be helps us better prepare our future. Be that preserving our wild life to prevent extinction of other animals or just to learn more about the process of evolution. It is human nature to be curious. there is no better place to satisfy ones curiosity than to go to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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