Border Patrol Facts


  1. Dozens of south Texas owners are making plans to fighting plans by the federal.
  2. The land owners by the Rio Grandehave refused to let U.S. surveyors onto their land.
  3. The U.S. government is suing to access which it says it needs to complete nearly 370 miles of border fencing by the end of this year.

About Ron Vitello

  1. Ron Vitello who was most recently CBP executive assistant commissioner for operations support.
  2. Chief Vitiello was assigned to the Operations Division of the former Border
  3. Ron Vitello played a key role in standing up CBP as our nation's unified border agency.


  1. They plan to put more men and have better cameras and better technology.
  2. Get better guns and better cars trucks etc.
  3. They also plan on supporting president Trumps idea of a "GREAT WALL".

Border Patrol Agent jobs

  1. Being a Border Patrol Agent is a multi-level work environment.
  2. There are many different tasks and types of work depending on the work position.
  3. Border Patrol Agent jobs involveBorder surveillance these are some responsibilities
  4. Patrols
  5. Tunnel detection
  6. Inspection of vehicles, and goods
  7. Homeland Security
  8. Arrest and detention of suspicious suspects



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