Finke Family Heritage By jack finke

Meaning - The last name Finke is derived from the German word Fink, which means finch, a type of bird that is pretty small.

Origin - The last name "Finke" originated in Austria in medieval times. Last names were derived from nicknames, which reflected the characteristics of the person whose last name it would become. In this case, the name Finke means a cheerful person who sings songs.
Family Crest - As you can see, there is a finch on top of the knight's head, which resembles the word Finke.
Language - Austrians speak a few different languages. German, Hungarian, and Slovenian.
Religion - In Austria, there is religious freedom. However, Roman Catholic is the most popular religion there.
History - In 1867, the Austrian Empire was split into two parts. Both of them were ruled by the same leader. It was founded 1804.
Daily Life - Austria's daily life is very similar to one of the United States. They go to school for seven hours a day, have weekends, same thing as us. The main difference is they drive smaller cars than us. They don't drive SUV's and trucks there. They also eat a lot of sausage.
Economy - The currency they use is the Euro. Austria is one of the 14 richest countries in the world. GDP per capita is 50,546.70 USD
Art - the art in Austria is mainly architecture and sculptures. There are a few famous Austrian painters, such as
Unlike the United States, Austria doesn't have a president. They have a Chancellor, a Vice Chancellor, and senior ministries. The Chancellor right now is Christian Kern, and the Vice Chancellor is Reinhold Mitterlehner.
Although it's not a full on meal, Linzer Tarts, which originated in Austria, are small pastries sandwiched together with jelly in the middle. They are very popular in Austria, and are named after the city of Linz, Austria.
Culture Complex - Roman Catholicism is a complex that contains religion, daily life, and art. These all play a role in their religion, because they incorporate it into their daily lives, and there are multiple pieces of Austrian art that symbolize Roman Catholicism.
Artifacts - In Austria, many things have been found and made there. Two big artifacts though are the Desecrated Torah Scrolls, and Granite quarried in Mauthausen, Austria.
Mentifacts - In Austria, on the day you get married, they way the bride is woken up is a strange way of doing it. Before the bride wakes up on her wedding day, a group of people (most likely her friends), will shoot guns off to wake her up. Another mentifact is on an adults birthday, the children make dinner for the guests.
Sociofacts - One sociofact in Austria, like many other places, is fast food. And again, like many other places, McDonalds is one chain that has left its mark on Austria. They don't eat it as much as we do in America, but they do eat it frequently. Another mentifact is the Euro, because they use it way more than credit cards and coins.
Most people envision Austria as hilly and mountainous, and that's true for a lot of the country. There are some flat areas, but most of the landscape is rugged. There is also a diversity of large cities and small towns, but there is an almost equal amount of both.
A traditional folk culture in Austria would be Austrian Folk Dancing. It is a popular tradition that people do everywhere in Austria, especially at festivals. The most popular dance is Schuhplattler.

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