The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt my experience by allison bauer

SPATIAL: When I entered the auditorium I felt intrigued for what was about to begin. I do not usually go to theaters and performances so the all red set up was exciting to me. Also the substantial size of the room made me even more excited, even almost nervous. I sat down with two friends right in the middle of a row and it was the perfect location for my viewing experience. When the lights dimmed down, I was eager for what was about to begin. Place has an immense effect of the good life because place can affect the physcial things one has available to achieve the goodlife. My resident assistant in my dorm right now actually has a quote on the wall that I love- "Bloom where you are planted". I believe this quote really inspires that although we may not always be exactly where we want to be, it's important to always make the most of everything we have.

SOCIAL: I attended this performance with two really good friends from my hometown that I went to high school with. To prepare for this performance I read over the files posted on Canvas in regards to the play, and I also talked with friends who had already gone and seen the play. Attending with friends enhanced my experience because for me, being with friends makes me feel much more comfortable in the uncommon setting of the theater. Shared experiences help us to grow from watching others and seeing what helped them grow and what tore them down, thus helping us navigate our own lives.

CULTURE & INTELLECT: The play was set in the early 1900's in a monestary/church , factory, and theater. The central issue addressed in this play was the choosing between religion and theater. I had read over the instructions on what to do at the play but I did not know much about what the play was going to be about. The subject matter does not particullarly pertain to me at this point in my life. Theater and religion do not play as large of roles in my life as I would hope they did.

EMOTION: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us with an opportunity for katharsis because it is a controversy over the power of the church, an issue that some people are uncomfortable talking about. Both young seminary students find it awkward when trying to tell Sarah Bernhardt that she cannot perform in their town, and her refusal makes it more awkard. As a whole the play shows many examples of katharsis.

(I had multiple pictures from this event however none of them will add into here as my iPhoto is broken. If there is any other way I can show you/ email you these pictures for credit I would greatly appreciate it -


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