Water Scarcity in Western Sahara By Quinn East Teacher: mrs YEo

Physical water scarcity: physical water scarcity is when the water is actually not there.

Economic water scarcity : economic water scarcity is when the Government can't afford to buy or provide water

North Africa suffers from water scarcity frequently. This means that water that demand will exceed water availability.

1. The environment in Western Sahara is extremely hot and causes the water to evaporate quickly. Also the population is quite poor and can't afford clean water.

2. In Western Sahara there are very few rivers and lakes to contain water this means that the village people will have to travel very far to get water, and have to carry it back on their head or they have to buy water which is very expensive

3.The water scarcity makes it hard for the people to survive out side the city. It is hard to grow crops to eat and feed animals, so food has to be shipped in. There is little to attract tourists so the people can't make money to buy food and clean water.

4.The people are currently trying to desalinate sea water, every home has one or two water tanks, some water they buy comes from 320km away by tanker but it not a priority for the government.

By Quinn east

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