Celestial Megastrucutres Jacob Rahman

Alderson Disc
  • This concept was originally conceived by Dan Alderson.
  • With the thickness of the earth and the outer diameter of around 4.44 Billion Kilometers.
  • No Day/Night cycles; But in Xenology, High-powered gamma ray lasers can be used to stabilize to sun to allow for days and nights.
  • An Approximate 1.7x10^22 kg of materials would be needed.

A large disc that spans from the orbit of mercury to the orbit of pluto with most of the habitable space in the habitable zone of our solar system.

An alternate theory is that if aliens exist, they could live in the other zones of the disk because of their varied needs of temperature.

Dyson Sphere
Dyson Sphere (Top) Dyson Swarm (Left) Dyson Rings (Right)
  • Originally theorized by Freeman Dyson.
  • A full sphere could generate 400 Septillion Watts of energy.
  • Could elevate our civilization to stage 2.
  • Radius of 150 million Kilometers.
  • 600 million times the surface of the earth.

Dyson Sphere - A full sphere of solar cells to collect energy from the sun.

Dyson Rings - Rings covers in solar cells and circle around the sun.

Dyson Swarm - Small energy collecting station orbiting around the sun.


Long rotating tube that surrounds a planet, star, or any other celestial object.

Most realistic and will most likely become the first celestial super structure humans will create.

Other names: Wyrm, Ouroboros, Noodle/Macaroni Worlds.

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