Women's March on Raleigh By Emily Caroline Sartin

“Forward together, not one step back!”

this quote rang through the downtown streets as the battle cry of the Women’s March on Raleigh. Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, fathers, and sons gathered in downtown Raleigh the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump to send a clear message: they will not back down; they will stand strong as the noisy majority in light of the hate-filled election. While every marcher had personal motives for participating, the mission of the March of peaceful equality for all.

I marched to ensure the rights of future generations of women; women’s rights are human rights. There was strong camaraderie and kindness among the crowd of marchers. Everyone was courteous of those around them and bonded over shared beliefs. Standing up for what matters and what you believe in is essential to an effective democracy; never allow anyone to silence your voice.

All photographs are courtesy of Emily Caroline Sartin.

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