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What is stringr?

Simply put, Stringr is a marketplace that allows media organizations (such as TV news stations) to buy video from both amateur and professional videographers. The media organizations can preview all your footage. If they like what they see, they can immediately download the HD version. Once they do, you (the videographer) will get paid the next business day! Stringr also brings work to you. If you download our app and enable push notifications, Stringr will let you know when the media outlets want something filmed. Let's get started. Click on any of the links in this presentation

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This is an example of who we are not!! Great movie though.

It should go without saying, but just a reminder: Stringr's aim isn't to turn You into sociopathic freelance cameramen, willing to cross ethical boundaries to get the most compelling footage.


You don't need to do any editing. That's left to the media outlets. You just upload your video clips and move onto the next assignment. That's it.


Stringr will let you know when a TV station wants something shot. If they use your video, you will get paid!

Sgt. Hunter here. I wanted to make extra money while driving for Uber and Left when I found Stringr. I knew I was good with my cell phone camera and thought I would love to make money using it? I get assignments from Stringr to shoot video while I'm already out and about for TV stations. Most times I'm on the scene before the other television stations. It's fast-paced and interesting but the best part about it is I get paid the next business day.

Get notifications and receive video request near you.

Down ¥

Make extra money on your own terms! Are you good with your cell phone camera and would like to make money using it? Stringr could be for you.

See something you think is newsworthy? Shoot it, tag it and upload it to Stringr. If a television station uses it you get paid for that too.

Hold your camera steady and in the landscape position.

Use a tripod, rest your phone up against something, or hold your arms as close to your center of gravity as possible to reduce shaky footage. The heavier your phone, the more you reduce the sway. Watch our video blog on handheld shooting.

Video Clip Size

Shoot clips between 10 and 15 seconds in length. Save them to your own camera roll until you have uploaded them. Then delete them from your camera to save memory. They will be saved on the Stringr server. It's as simple as that.


When your heart is beating fast and your breathing is a little labored, a tripod willing to improve your clips immensely. Hand held stabilizers on the market are now affordable.

If a smartphone tripod or stabilizer is a little too costly or not practical for you in your circumstances, you can rest your phone on other physical supports like tables, chairs, desks, shelves, etc.

Don't Become The News Story

Safety first! Always respect boundaries set by law-enforcement and emergency responders!


by Kaitlyn Mitchell

Here at Stringr’s SoHo office, we’re thrilled to see Stringrs eagerly accept our footage requests at every hour of the unrelenting news cycle; though of course we don’t subscribe to the “if it bleeds, it leads” ethos espoused by the 2014 thriller film Nightcrawler.

Remember you're telling a story. Shoot the event, those who are affected, participating and those who are responding. Give the viewer some sense of where this is taking place. Shoot streets and street signs and recognizable landmarks.

Shooting a disaster or an accident

Be respectful of the people affected. Ask permission or if they would be kind enough to speak with you.

Make sure you are shooting in the landscape position and properly frame your shots. Wide views that tell a story is always good because it gives the viewer a better idea of where this is taking place.

Good Lighting is critical

Proper lighting has a huge impact on smartphone cameras because they have smaller image sensors and lenses. Try as much as possible to shoot your video in brightly lit areas. This will help avoid unnecessary shadows and grainy areas in your video. Conversely, you also must be careful not to point the camera directly at bright light sources, which will cause unusable overexposed footage and lens flaring. Lighting should be stable and steady; the image sensors in most smartphones do not react to dramatic changes in lighting very quickly.

The Audio Matters as Much as the Video!

At Stringr, we always encourage you to utilize the natural sound of the setting you are in. But sometimes that lovely nat sound can include high speed winds that make your Man-On-Street interviews unintelligible.

Invest in an external microphone. It will greatly enhance your interviews and allow you to capture sound at press briefings professionally.

Shooting the bumper sticker from the high school in this shot will immediately draw in the viewers who have a some association with the school.

Get Close to Your Subject

Staying physically closer to your subject ensures better image quality, less digital noise and better focus in your videos since most smartphones use a digital zoom rather than optical zoom.

As an Uber/Lyft driver, this is a no-brainer. It doesn't cost you anything to sign up and you don't have to except any jobs you don't want but if you do except it and they use it, your money is transferred to your PayPal account the next day.

With Stringr, you can shoot, upload and sell newsworthy video and get notified when the media wants video near you.

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"Stay safe Stringrs. In our terms, we ask that no videographer break the law while obtaining footage-- which means no driving and capturing footage, no crossing police or emergency responder boundaries and don't go on the private property unless you have permission of course. No video is worth getting in harm's way."

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