Explore Bali With Robert Manse - Scroll Down

Take a journey to Bali through Robert's eyes

It all begins with a sketch...

The lush landscapes of Bali inspire creativity and artistic expression.

World-class artisans and the finest gemstones and metals are the heart of Bali RoManse

Balinese rice paddies are abundant.

All of our artisan crafted designs begin with meticulous hand-carvings.

Bali RoManse finds inspiration in the rich cultural heritage of the every day lives of the Balinese. Here, two dancers perform a ceremonial dance in which each hand and body position has a different meaning!

This ancient gateway's carving inspired Robert to design his Fierce Dragon Collection.

A master carver works with ancient tooling on the dragon-scale pattern for this ring.

A peaceful heart and clear mind are neccesary when you're an artist. Meditation is a part of everyday life in Bali.

Our hinged bangles are among our very best-sellers and every fine detail is hand-finished to perfection.

Bamboo is everywhere in Bali, and it also serves as a beautiful inspiration for jewelry design! Have you noticed any bamboo themes in Robert's Bali RoManse collection?

Here our artisan has carved out where the gold and gemstones will be placed.

Robert relaxes on the family temple steps at one of our workshops. The Balinese leave offerings to their gods here on a daily basis for prosperity and health.

The first step in every beautiful design is bringing the vision from the mind to paper.

Ornate sculptures adorning the Temples serve as inspiration for Robert and our other designers. The swirling scrollwork seen here is symbolic of Bali's heritage.

Robert's Bali RoManse collection is accented with solid 18k gold. Here, an artisan uses hand tools to stamp out each individual accent, which will be carefully applied.

The rich colors of the tropical flora of Bali are inspirational when Robert chooses his vibrant gemstones.

Handed down from many generations, hand soldering tools and metalsmithing techniques add to the allure of every Bali design.

All things Bali revolve around water, the eternal life source that sustains this island and all living things.

Here, an artisan hand-sets the pear-shaped citrines in a water inspired scrollwork hinged bangle.

Bali's Monkey Forest is a popular tourist attraction and a fun place to visit if you're not afraid to get up-close and personal with these playful characters.

We use many components in each piece of jewelry we design. This handmade chain has four additional elements, all treated like an individual work of art.

One of Robert's favorite workshops in Bali. For many years, Robert has been like an honorary family member to this fine group of world-class artisans.

A quick buff finishes each Bali RoManse design to perfection.

One of Bali's most ancient temples, Uluwatu sits atop a mighty cliff. This famous temple has existed here for hundreds of years and only local Balinese villagers can go inside.

Come back and visit us again!

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