By jake carpenter (jeiku-san)

Japan Flag

Japan is my biggest interest and passion because I love the Culture, food etc. i have loved the country, culture and food ever since I was a little kid

The Famous Tokyo Bullet Trains

This country is truly amazing, nice people, clean streets and trains are always on time. The most common way of transport in Tokyo is by Bullet train, these are super fast and Japan is widely known for its bullet trains. Would definitely recommend these trains if you want to get somewhere fast

I am so crazy about this beautiful country that I commited myself to learning the language and im planning to work and live there after I get my bachelors degree.

The Japanese Rising Sun Flag


The culture is the main reason why I fell in love with this Gorgeous country, I love the way kimonos look and I like the music that is part of the culture. Japanese culture was the only appealing thing to me so I just focused on it more than anything else. Men wear a traditional garment called a Hakama and the women wear the Kimono, in the summer Women wear a casual summer kimono called a Yukata


Japanese food/cuisine is Delicious. food such as Sushi, Ramen and Tempura are one of my top recommended foods to try in this wonderful country. I have loved eating Japanese food ever since and it will always be my favourite food for decades and im pretty sure it has to be one of the tastiest foods in the world

Sushi, Tempura and Ramen

Japanese lucky cats (maneki neko)

The Maneki Neko

We have all seen those lucky cats with the waving arm? Those are called Maneki neko and they are said to bring good luck to whoever owns it. They came into being in the Edo Period in Japan and they have been a big part of their culture ever since. They are sometimes called "Chinese lucky cats" by mistake but they are actually Japanese in origin. They are seen in shops, restaurants and Temples all over Japan and they come in different colors (Red, white, gold, blue, red and green) and sizes. and some of them even come in different cute little expressions. If you own one of these no matter of color or size, Keep them safe because they are very lucky. my mom got me two of these from a Japanese shop and I have had them for ages

sumo wrestling

Two Sumos Pushing each other in a Sport called Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling is one of the most popular sports in Japan. It Takes place in a Round circle like wrestling ring and Two huge men called Sumos must try to Push each other over or push them out of the ring. It is enjoyed by Millions of people across Japan (I enjoy watching it with my spare time) and lots of people come to watch it. Sumo wrestling is fun to watch and if you come to Japan I would recommend coming to see it


People on a busy street in Tokyo

Tokyo is the busy capital that is famous for Neon lights, pop culture and technology. This city is the biggest city on Earth and it feels like a futuristic city. There is endless fun in Tokyo like visiting Tokyo tower and going Shopping

Definitely visit this wonderful country if you want a nice and enjoyable time. This country is easily the best country in the world to me and I would extremely recommend visiting, it will be worth a lifetime

Best country in the world


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