Christianity By: Chris duda & Isabella Calcagno

Origin- Christianity was derived out of Judaism in the first century, when Jesus was born. Jesus was the founder and said to be the son of God. He was born in Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary and father Joseph(picture above). He then lived and grew up in Nazareth, a small town in Israel. Jesus was a Jew, but many believed he was the Messiah and that was how Christianity was born. Christians believe Jesus was sent down from his Father in Heaven to save us from our sins by dying on the cross. Christians believe that God is 3 persons in 1(the Father, Son and Holy Spirit)Christianity, along with Judaism and Islam, recognizes Abraham as the first prophet. This is why they are known as the three Abrahamic Religions.

Major Beliefs- The Holy Book of Christianity is called the Bible. It is comprised of two parts: The Old Testament(before Jesus' birth) and The New Testament(during and after Jesus' birth.) Christians worship God in Churches. Roman Catholics believe in leaders(in order from greatest power to least) known as the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests. These men turn bread and wine into the "body and blood of Christ" during Eucharist in a Mass. Other leaders in Christianity can also be known as minister, depending on the branch. Some churches have different names, depending on size, such as Cathedral or Basilica, but they all serve the same purpose.

Christianity is broken up into 4 main branches, which can then be further divided into denominations. They are listed below.

Key Holidays and Christian Celebrations: Christmas(December 25)- celebrates the birth of Jesus, Advent( spans the 4 weeks before Christmas)- meant to prepare for the coming of Jesus, Lent(40 days before Easter)- celebrates how Jesus went 40 days without food and water in the desert, Good Friday(April 14, 2017)- celebrates the death of Jesus on the cross, Easter Sunday(April 16, 2017)- celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, Pentecost(seventh Sunday after Easter)- celebrates the day when the Holy Spirit filled Jesus' disciples, Sunday- The Sabbath day every Sunday and Christians' holy day.

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