Basketball Rule #1 : "In this game of life your family is the court and the ball is your heart. No matter how good you are, no matter how down you get, always leave your heart on the court."
Basketball Rule #2 : (Random text from dad). Hustle dig. Grind push. Run fast. Change pivot. Chase pull. Aim shoot. Work smart. Live smarter. Play hard. Practice harder.
Basketball Rule #3 : Never let anyone lower your goals. Others' expectations of you are determined by their limitations of life. The sky is your limit, sons. Always shoot for the sun and you will shine.
The little boy wanted to be a famous basketball player, but he was sad at the same time, because his dad did not go to his basketball game, or go to practice with him.
He used to play almost everyday with his brother, but there was this boys that always told him that he could not play, just because he was little.
Basketball Rule #4 : If you miss enough of life's free throws you will pay in the end.
Basketball Rule #5 : When you stop playing your game you've already lost.
At practice couch says we need to work on our mental game. If we think we can beat Independence Junior High, the defending champions, the number one seed, the only other undefeated team, then we will. But instead of drills and sprints, we sit on our butts, make weird sounds.
It was his 2nd year playing for the Reggie Lewis Wildcats, he used to play every game, but not tonight, because Coach told him to go get cleaned up, and then to find a sit on the bench.
Basketball Rule #6 : A great team has a good scorer with a teammate who's on point and ready to assist.
Basketball Rule #7 : Rebounding is the art of anticipating, of always being prepared to grab it. But you can't drop the ball.
Basketball Rule #8 : Sometimes you have to lean back a little and fade away to get the best shot.
Basketball Rule #9 : When the game is on the line, don't fear. Grab the ball. Take it to the hoop.
Basketball Rule #10 : A loss is inevitable, like snow in winter. True champions learn to dance through the storm.
What I like about this book is that is about Basketball, and that from this book I can learn more about how to play Basketball. I would absolutely recommend this book because is really good. The main character is Josh Bell, he wanted to be a famous basketball player. The conflict about his life playing basketball was that some guys told him that he was not going to be a famous basketball player. But then he try to stop that by showing them that he was going to be a famous basketball player, no matter what other say. Then now that he grow up, he's a famous basketball player, he's recognized by everyone, and because of the book too.

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