PMI 15th Anniversary Advocacy Toolkit

Together with its partners, PMI has helped save more than seven million lives and prevented more than a billion cases of malaria since 2000.

22 PMI partner countries in sub-Saharan Africa have seen significant reductions in all-cause mortality rates in children under age 5, with declines ranging from 10 percent to 67 percent. Eight PMI partner countries plus Zanzibar (in Tanzania) are on the path to being malaria-free.

PMI has worked with partner countries to build capacity and systems to combat malaria, which also equip them to better respond to other public health threats, and help keep America and the world safer.

Led by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and co-implemented with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), PMI has become one of the U.S. government’s greatest development success stories.

The week of June 30, please take action for PMI to help us celebrate 15 years of impact!

Take Action

In trying times, we must take a moment to recognize that we have the capacity to make positive changes in people’s lives. For 15 years, PMI has done just that. Please take a moment to send a letter to your Members of Congress in support of PMI and its international partners like the Global Fund and the UN. It takes only a minute to make a tangible impact:

Get Social

Please also encourage your friends and family to take action in honor of PMI's 15th Anniversary by sharing these messages on social media:

As #COVID19 threatens global progress against malaria, we cannot afford to lose momentum.

As we celebrate #15yearsofPMI, we must also protect the gains in the fight to #EndMalaria.

Raise your voice with @nothingbutnets for @PMIgov 📢 https://bit.ly/dont-stop-now

In 2005, @pmigov was born and it’s creation marked a turning point in the global fight to #EndMalaria. Today we celebrate #15yearsofPMI:

15x the progress

15x the innovation

15x the impact

Raise your voice with @nothingbutnets 📢 https://bit.ly/dont-stop-now

15 years ago, @pmigov was launched to #EndMalaria – a preventable & treatable disease that killed a child every 30 seconds. PMI now protects more than 570 million from malaria every year. Today we celebrate #15yearsofPMI & raise our voice 📢 https://bit.ly/dont-stop-now

In 2005 malaria killed almost 1.2 million worldwide. That same year, @PMIgov was born. After #15yearsofPMI, 8 of their partner countries plus Zanzibar are on the path to being malaria-free. RT to help @pmigov and @nothingbutnets celebrate 15 years of impact! 🎉

Since the President’s Malaria Initiative was launched in 2005, it has distributed:

+296m bed nets

+484m rapid diagnostic tests

+595m antimalarial treatments

These tools have helped save millions of lives. Join me in celebrating #15yearsofPMI with @pmigov & @nothingbutnets! 🎉

Since 2005, @PMIgov has fought against one of the oldest & deadliest diseases – malaria. PMI programs have also proved critical in strengthening health systems to flatten the #COVID19 curve. Today we're celebrating #15yearsofPMI & 15 years of impact in the fight to #EndMalaria. 🎉

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PMI's Fourteenth Annual Report to Congress describes the U.S. Government's leadership and technical and financial contributions to the fight against malaria in FY 2019 - download here.

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