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Here's a short infographic showing you a little about the program.

Software Uses

There is an endless amount of possibilities for you to use while creating your video in Premiere Pro. You will create professional level work and enhance your editing skills while using this software. This program has proven that you can create high level film products, but also create simple tutorials or promotionals as well. I personally have used Premiere Pro for only a short amount of time, and I can say that it is a tool I wished I had learned earlier.

What real people are saying about the Software:

Madison McDouglad, a Senior at Clemson University majoring in English Writing and Publication, states “the freedom of customization makes it a program that is worth the time and money”

Madison Gilstrap, a Sophomore at Clemson University, states “a really versatile tool that can help edit…and create different effects and artwork”

Key Software Functions

What are some key or unique selling points?

There are several unique features of Premiere Pro. One of them is the softwares ability to create folders, markers and labels to organize clips. These folders, markers and labels allow you to easily identify which clips go in which order. Once you place your clips on the tracks, you have the ability to lock various tracks. This also helps you edit the audio of the video by locking video clips and editing audio clips.

Along with this ability, the program also has some key tools that are easily accessible by their location in the tool box closest to the tracks where all your edits will take place. These essential tools are the ones that you should first learn how to use in order to feel comfortable working in the program. They include tools like the razor tool, text tool and the select tool. The editing panel also contains some of the hundreds of editing options that Premiere Pro offers. These tools will look scary at first; however, if you continue to learn how to navigate the program, you will become more comfortable.

The audio and video that you choose for your video can be edited by adding graphics, transitions, titles and various effects to the audio. If you take advantage of the potential opportunities that Premiere Pro offers, you have an unlimited amount of options to choose from. Some of these creative potentials include beveling the edge of the video, changing the coloring of the video or images through the color panel or using transitions such as wipe, peel or iris to edit the video. These edits are specific to editing video, while audio is edited separately in a different track.

Brief Production History

Adobe Systems launched Adobe Premiere in 1991 as a non-linear editing system, but in 2003 the company launched a new updated version of the older program - Adobe Premiere Pro. The software continues to get an update quite frequently. The last update of the program was Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 released October 15, 2018.

“Adobe Premiere Pro.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 1 Nov. 2018, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_Premiere_Pro#References.


What are advantages and what can it do well?

There are so many pros to this software, but I’ll just summarize a few of the main ones below.

Premiere Pro is an Adobe product, which means that you can collaborate with other programs that are a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. You can take various fonts from Adobe typekit to include in your Adobe productions. If you have worked with Adobe Products in the past than you will have an easy time adjusting to the layout of Adobe Premiere Pro. Another positive of learning this program is the enhancement of your skills and it will help you become more marketable to future employers.


What are the limits? What are some drawbacks?

One main limitation of this program is the undo button. The undo button of this the most frustrating thing in Premiere Pro. You can undo ONLY ONE ACTION, so be very careful with your editing because you cannot undo more than one action.

Remember that the layout of Premiere Pro is extremely hard to understand, so if you do not have the time to spend on learning the program than DO NOT. If you try to wing learning this program you will fail - you will fail big time.

Honestly, the limits to this software are non-existent to my understanding. The creative potential of this program are limitless. Another negative of this program is the save function of this program. If you are not careful, you will save your project in an unknown location. To avoid this, before you start your project create a folder to self contain all of the stuff that you will be using for this project.

Technical Documentation

Manuals and other technical documentation.

Below is a link for the manual for Adobe Premiere Pro. In order to understand more of the program, this manual gives an intense overview of the program.




This review of Premiere Pro, by Steve Paris, gives a little bit more information about some of the edits that you can use in Premiere Pro. It talks more about graphics, effects, color matching and Final Verdict.


This review is similar to the last one. It gives a review and insight into the layout of the program. This program goes more into the elements of pricing, the interface, clips, transitions, collaboration, color adjusting, multi-camera editing and audio edits.



This is a 35+ minutes long tutorial on how to use Premiere Pro. It starts out with how to start a project and moves all of the way down to how to save your video project.

Examples of compositions from software

One of the most popular examples of a video that was edited in Premiere Pro is Deadpool. The popular sci-fi movie that hit the box offices in 2016 used the same editing software that college students use to create projects in their classes. This should show that Premiere Pro is a professional software and should be something you spend time learning in the future.

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