The Southern Parklands Framework Western Sydney, Australia

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The Southern Parklands Framework provides the strategic and physical design of the massive Southern Parklands in western Sydney which is five times the size of Central Park, New York. It combines community services, urban agriculture, ecosystem services and recreational lands and arranges varied land uses through mega scaled sculptural gestures which connects new communities to the aboriginal meaning of Country. Parklands design strategies include arranging native plants in a 'managed' parkland around the interface with community, changing materiality and elevation of paths to slowly draw people into the bush, elevating the circulation system from 'paths' to mega scaled sculptures that connect people to the most meaningful landforms and managing water in a legible way throughout such that water storage and reticulation become landmarks and paths where cool irrigated areas can be found within a vast dry landscape. In these ways people are engaged with the meaning and management of country through a new type of park. This new type of park is achieved through the remarkable business model adopted by the client, Western Sydney Parklands Trust.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Urban STATUS: Future project

BY: TYRRELLSTUDIO and Western Sydney Parkland Trust

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: The project seeks to engage the existing and new communities of western Sydney with the Australian landscape and deep indigenous culture. Many strategies are used to draw people into the parkland and slowly instill in them a deep curiosity about Country.

PARTNERS: The Western Sydney Parklands Trust is the project client, but also the ongoing land manager. The WSPT are an amazing organisation in that they sustainably manage their large park systems through a sustainable, self-funding business model where 2% of their land is developable to pay for the ongoing cost of the other 98% which is parkland and ecosystem services. The WSPT has a precise Plan of Management which balances the quantum of land uses required to balance the books. Our role was to fit these areas to the land in a way which created a sustainable public asset in perpetuity. The TYRRELLSTUDIO led team consisted of CHROFI, City People, Parkland Planners, GTA Consultants, SMA Tourism, Biosis, Straight Talk, Hollis Partners.