NCS AGE GROUP CHAMPS Records Set, Milestones achieved

Smoky Mountain Aquatic Club's Age Group Championship team made the trip to Cary and proudly represented Waynesville and all of Western North Carolina. To say they crushed it would be an understatement. SMAC athletes were Zack Lyle, Kevin Wenzel, and Trinity Wenzel.

These three athletes from little ol' Waynesville, competed with and beat some of the best in the state.

To say they crushed it would be an understatement. The team left the meet Sunday with 10 swims that were top three in the SMAC record books, 2 of which were all time team records. The weekend marked SMAC's return to the scoreboard at NCS Age Group Champs for the first time in nearly 7 years. The team also returned to the 10 and Under podium for the first time since Nathan Lile, Sam Sinyard and others did it way back in 2005.

Podium Party!

Zack attack!

Kevin Wenzel

Zack lyle

The only 10 and Under in the world that trains with SMAC's Senior Group, Zack Lyle practices 4 times a week and has a blast racing athletes older and faster than he. Zack doesn't think anything of it; in fact, he loves the challenge. On Saturday and Sunday at the Triangle Aquatic Center, the fun and hard work he's put in this season paid off.

On Saturday, Zack Lyle's first swim was an adrenaline filled, shock inducing 32.3 second 50 yard backstroke. The second place finish was good enough to break Sam Sinyard's 33.5 SMAC Record from 2005. The race set the tone for the what was an awesome weekend. His 50 FR, 50 Fly, and 200 FR all were top ten finishes in the state. Zack's 28.5 second 50 FR broke the longest standing SMAC Record, one from 2002 set by Colin Purman. Zack's 1:03 100 FR, 1:14 100 BK, and 1:16 100 Fly were all good enough for top 3 in the SMAC Record book and were all a joy to watch. Finally, at a Championship meet, it was wonderful to have a Podium Party. The drought has ended!

Kevin Wenzel

SMAC's 13-14 year old contingent was represented by Kevin Wenzel who swam the 50 FR. The combination of a loud audience and quite speaker out in lane 8 contributed to a slow start, but Kevin came up out front nonetheless. He learned a lot in those :24 seconds and had SMAC's 3rd fastest 13-14 year old 50 FR along the way.

Trinity Wenzel

Trinity Wenzel was the only SMACer to compete all three days of the meet. Friday, she earned a spot to swim in Finals of the 11-12 200 yard Backstroke. Dropping 4 seconds going a 2:20 was good enough for an 18th place finish in the state, and was SMAC's 4th fastest 11-12 200 BK. Both Trin's 50 and 100 Breststrokes over the weekend were 2nd fastest all time in SMAC's records, edging out 12 year old Vanessa Ly on both occasions. She dropped in nearly every event she swam, hitting a 1:06 in her 100 BK, a 1:07 in her 100 IM, and a :34 in her 50 BR. Trinity had a wonderful meet!

It was a fantastic weekend for for SMoky mountain aquatic club.

All we need now is more people! SMAC Coaches firmly believe that every team member is capable of getting to this level. Keep coming to practice. Keep working hard. Keep having fun. Next year, the goal is to have 10 athletes make the meet.

  • TOTAL TIME DROPPED: 35.7 seconds
  • Total Best Times: 13
  • Total Time Dropped this season: 4,202.43 Seconds
  • Total Best Times this season: 1,170
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Charlie McCanless


Photo Credits: Georgianna Wenzel Hal and Beth Lyle

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