Jakira's Goals ENGLISH 2|PERIOD 3

Semester Goal

By then end of the semester, I will turn in homework and do better on my quizzes.

Step one: I will finish all my homework and turn them all in.

step two: I will study for all my quizzes study for like a 30 minute or an hour.

Step Three: I want to be better at basketball.

English Class goal

Step One: In my English class goal is to turn in my homework and my assignments.

Step Two: I will also have to have a high B or higher.

Step Three: I will do this by finishing all my homework and turning it on time.

Step Four: I will do this by not turning it in a week later finish and turn in on time.

high school goal

Step One: For high school I want to get good grades.

Step Two: Make good memories and have a good time while I'm still young.

Step Three: I want to graduate with my friends together.

after high school goal

Step One: After High School I want to go to college at ASU.

Step Two: I want to go to school for being a Md Wife or that helps deliver the babies.

personal growth

Step One: My personal growth goal is that I want to start my own little family.

Step Two: I want to live in apartment for a while like for a year.

Step Three: I want to build a house by my grandma's house so that when I'm visiting my family can stay in the house.


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