Evi's Portfolio Visual Art & Design 2017

Intro: I am currently in my last year here at Smith Middle School and the only thing that I regret is not being able to take more of their amazing art classes. This is my very first and will be my last art class here and I love it. I love all of the projects and the creativity I get to bring out in my art class, Modern Design. Despite not having any official art classes, I was still able to bring out my creative side in other classes such as Young Inventors in 7th Grade and Manufacturing Lab and Web Action in 8th Grade. In this portfolio, I will present to you some of my works, and although some of them are not from official art clases, I still was able to do art in them.

Reflection of Classes & Work: The first art-like class I took at Smith Middle School was Young Inventors in Grade 7. The time I walked into that class, I knew I would have a lot of fun there. The most important things I learned in this class is to notice what needs changing and do something about it. The way you try to bring that change is up to you. My favorite project was the chain reaction project where my group and I designed a chain reaction that eventually hit an Easy Button. This was so fun because my group got to go through the process of trial and error while making something so cool.

A similar class I took this year was Manufacturing lab. In this class, I did similar projects such as making a race car. I went through a long process of planning and creating, until I was satisfied with my car. I ended with a banana race car.

At the end of our project, we raced our cars as well. I didn't win, but I was still happy with my car and how it looked.

My only actual art class was Modern design. It was and continues to be such a great class. I love all of the projects and how they turned out. The two we have done are logos for a company and packaging for that company. The company I chose was A.C. Moore.

My favorite and inspiring artist is Kristina Webb. She is a very currency and puts good Messages in her work. Here is some of her work:

The Creative Process: Responding- The first part of the creative process is responding to project and then, second, start planning for the project. Next, explore for the idea. Explore the things you have planned and then create your ideas. Make your ideas come to life and make sure to have fun with it. Then reflect on your work so far. See what you need to change or improve on. You should make sure that you also compliment yourself along the way. Don't put yourself down! Then refine after you reflect. Edit it a little and then check it again. Finally, present it. Show of your great work and feel proud of it.

Conclusion: The classes I have taken at Smith Middle School and the things I learned from them will forever be with me in my life. I will carry them with me throughout my life and remember how much fun thy were and all of the creativity I was able to bring out.


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