What are your 1st memories of getting off the bus your very 1st summer?

When I first stepped onto the bus I was terrified of the thought of leaving home for the first time and not knowing a lot of people. I clearly remember introducing myself to a girl that I didn’t know who sat behind me. She ended up being my best friend today.

What do you think is the prettiest place in camp to step back and appreciate the beauty of Tyler Hill?

Sitting at the top of the boating hill at sunset allows me to take in the appreciate all of the beauty that Tyler Hill has to offer.

What are 2 or 3 things you've learned about yourself over the course of your time at THC?

Over the course of my time at THC, I have learned the meaning of a true friendship. I learned about becoming more independent and I've learned a lot about myself and the person that I would like to be.

Has there been a counselor at THC that has really made an impact on you? Who and why?

Throughout all of my summers here at THC, all of my counselors that I have had made a tremendous impact on me and the person I am today. Some of the amazing counselors that have made the biggest impact on me are Alexa Moss, Jordi Naidrich, Erin Goldberg and Arielle Freedman. They taught me life lessons that I will carry on for a lifetime. I know that I can always go to each and everyone of them anytime I need advice or just someone to talk to.

What's your single greatest memory at THC?

"Teen summer, after our girls’ football team won the all-day Westmont Cup Tournament, we were full of energy and enthusiasm. The bus ride back to camp was the best part! My division, as well as the girls a year younger, filled the bus with non-stop chanting and screaming. When we got back to camp, there were tons of campers and counselors waiting for us to arrive and they were cheering to congratulate us. We all sprinted to the lake and obviously had to jump in!"

What one piece of advice do you want to share with younger campers?

Now as a CIT, there is nothing I want more than to be a Freshman again. Don't take any moment for granted because in a blink of an eye your amazing summer journey will be over. Appreciate and take in every sight and moment from the time the bus rolls in to the day we all depart.

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