Vietnam War Timeline


  • Domino predicts southeast Asia falls to Communism.
  • At the end of WW2, Ho Chi Minh, the leader of the Viet Minh declared Vietnam's independence. They then took quick control of North Vietnam and captured Saigon.
  • Later in 1946 the French reasserted control over Saigon and Vietnam's name.
  • However clashes between the Viet Minh and the French soon grew into the first Indochina War.


  • South Vietnamese President Diem launches a brutal crackdown against Viet Minh suspects in the countryside.
  • Indochina war ends with Geneva Accords


  • Once Jfk was inaugurated into the white house Eisenhower told him to send troops into Vietnam while Lyndon Johnson went to South Vietnam to meet with Diem.
  • Kennedy sends American Advisers to Vietnam but all of them were slaughtered
  • Viet Cong use guerrilla warfare to take out South Vietnamese troops
  • Diem orders bombing raids on suspected Viet Cong-controlled hamlets after Viet Cong took control of them
  • Viet Cong seems to be winning the war
  • Civil unrest happens under Diem causing people to turn on him


  • Minh gets ousted in a bloodless coup making him flee to Laos leaving a trail for secret US bombers to follow, marking the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
  • In the Gulf of Tonkin an American Destroyer was destroyed by the North Vietnamese
  • Over the next few years the war was taken to the jungles where the US Soldiers get slaughtered by unseen Vietcong
  • The Tet Offensive launched by North Vietnam caused heavy casualties on both sides but they managed gain a strategic victory


  • Richard Nixon get inaugurated into the white house and sends more troops into Vietnam
  • Napalm and Agent Orange were introduced
  • Napalm is deadly, burns everything, and cannot be put out easily
  • Agent Orange is a chemical used to kill plants
  • The US eventually lost and has to withdrawal from Vietnam


Created with images by manhhai - ""Domino Theory" - Học thuyết Domino" • manhhai - "LIFE Magazine March 7, 1949 (1) - INDO-CHINA -- It is rich, beautiful colony which French may lose" • manhhai - "Dien Bien Phu campaign in 1954 - scene from director Karmen's post-battle Soviet-produced propaganda film (cảnh dàn dựng trong phim quay lại sau ngày chiến thắng ĐBP bởi đạo diễn Nga Roman Karmen)" • skeeze - "president john kennedy 35th president assassinated" • manhhai - "NHA TRANG 1961 - Photo by Wilbur E. Garrett" • manhhai - "SAIGON 1968 - Tet Offensive" • j16r - "jungle" • manhhai - "Nick Ut - Trang Bang 1972"

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