Simulation Games By Holly Guthrie 9A

A simulation game is a genre of game that simulates aspects of real life into fictional reality. A simulation game copies many aspects of real life into gaming. Some simulation games are helpful for training or analysis purposes.

Goat simulator is a popular simulation game, in January 2015 there where 2.5 million copies and more than $12 million in revenue

Simulation games are can be used for educational purposes like motor vehicle training. By learning through a screen it is safer as there is no way of crashing and helpful if vehicles aren't close by to learn in.

Simulation games used for training purposes. The photo in the bottom right, shows a man sitting in a drivers seat playing a simulation game and learning to fly a plane. One of these chairs would cost anywhere from $1800-$6000(USD)

This video shows many different examples of simulation games which may be needed in a particular industry. For example one part of the video shows a mechanical simulation game. If anyone ever wanted to get into that kind of role, they could learn about the mechanical aspect of cars before applying for that role.

'The Sims' game is the most popular simulation game ever. The aim is to create your own people and keep them happy in their town. 'The Sims' have produced four super popular games.; 'The Sims', 'The Sims 2', 'The Sims 3' and 'The Sims 4'. 'The Sims' came out in February 2000 on Microsoft Windows, selling 11.3 million copies worldwide. The game released after that only got more popular. In 2004, 'The Sims 2' was released, this time adding more features such as; old age and death and a full 3D environment for the players. When 'The Sims 3' was released in June 2009, the introduced more new features such as; build and buy modes for houses, new dreams, wishes and goals for the characters and new neighbourhoods. 'The Sims 4' is the latest game by the sims company which was released in September 2016. 'The Sims 4' has better graphics than all of the other games and has more bug fixes.

'The Sims' is the highest selling computer game on record selling 175 million copies (September 2013)

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