Sherlock Holmes Cane Do it yourself carving project by Jocelyn Dudinsky

I chose Sherlock Holmes because it is one of my favorite series to read. I love the characters. The Sherlock Holmes series is very well put together. Sherlock Holmes has a thin, long cane. I decided to carve a hat on the top of my cane to symbolize that it represents Sherlock Holmes.
I found out Sherlock has a cane by using the quotes, "Holmes sprang from the bed, struck a match, ans lashed furiously with his cane at the bell-pull." Another quote that explains how he has a quote is, "Same of the blows of my cane came Holmes, and raised it snappish temper, so that it flew upon the person it saw." Both of these quotes confirmed that Sherlock has a cane.
I would use oak wood to carve it because it is an easy to carve wood. It is also a very hard wood so i can make finer cuts. I would carve a Holmes hat upon the cane end to symbolize that it is his. There is no direct description of what the cane looks like just that it is long and thin.

Let's start the carving adventure

Day 1

Day 1- Retrieved my stick and trimmed it down to size. I sawed off the end to make the length 48". I used a hand saw and I had someone hold the branch in place. I also sawed off all of the little bumps on the branch to make it smoother.

Day 2

Day 2- I then started carving the bark off. I used a sweeping cut to easily trim the bark off. Carving off the bark was very easy and fast. The wood wasn't dried out all the way so I could easily shave off the bark.

Day 3

Day 3- I started carving the tip using a stop cut. At first I tried using a saw to make the tip but found out that it would work. I then started to make the brim of the hat which was difficult and I had to make Persist cuts.

Day 4

Day 4- I'm continuing on working on the top of the cane in to the Holmes's hat. I'm still using a stop cut for the brim and a sweeping cut for the rest of the hat. I've started shaving some of the orange bark off.

Day 5

Day 5- I'm still rounding out the top of the cane to make the hat. Im continuing to use the stop cut and the sweeping cut. I've now carved off most off the orange bark from the top. I also cut my finger open carving the brim. This made me have more patience and made me more carful when carving.

Day 6

Day 6- I am now working on slimming down the sides of the cane to make the base smaller. I've been using the sweeping cut to slim down the sides. But I realized that it wasn't working to I began using a chisel to slim it down. Using the chisel was a lot easier and faster then using was I was using, a box cutter.

Day 7

Day 7- I am now adding texture to the hat and to where you see the pattern. I first traced a pattern using the box cutter. Then I tried carving out the lines but it was very difficult. I finally used a drill to carve it out which was more persist and faster.

Day 8

Day 8- I am now sanding down the cane to make it smooth and to round out the edges. I'm using sand paper to smoothen out the cane and make it less curvy. I also sanded down the top to give it a nice rounded shape.

Day 9

Day 9- Today I added a brass colored end to the cane to add detail.

Day 10

Day 10- I added finishing details by adding two coats of black stain then realized that it wasn't dark enough so I painted it black. I also used a mixture of colors to make the hat color to match the added end piece. I sanded down the pain a little to add roughness. Finaly I added a clear coat to seal everything in.

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