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Physical testing

Scroll down to find the videos and instructions of the physical tests that you will perform at home.

You will need the following equipment to perform the self assessments:

  1. A chair
  2. A broomstick
  3. A clock with a seconds hand (preferably a wall clock)
  4. A doorway

Be sure to write down all of your results using the names listed as a reference for each of the test results.

Once you have completed all six physical tests please enter your results on the form located below the videos.

Back scratch test

Sit to stand test

Sit and reach test

Single leg balance test

Wall pushup test

Back rotation test

Click the button below to complete your self assessment. You will be asked to answer a few questions at the start about your background history and mobility levels.

You will then need to enter your assessment results onto the form using the same names as the videos above


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